Can four nostrils become five?

Pauly Unstoppable has been at the forefront of the “four nostril movement” since it’s very beginning. Wait… do we really live in a world so awesomely weird that we can really say there is such a thing? I think so! But the first thing I thought when I saw the latest picture of his ever-changing facial anatomy now featuring a 10g septril (using a 3/8″ Anatometal barbell with 10g 7/32 M&M beads anodized to a copper tone) is “can you imagine if he stretched that up to 1/2″ or larger!?” Can you imagine if he managed to create some bizarrely amazing pentanostril nose? I wouldn’t have to watch Star Trek any more to get my fill of aliens any more.


I think when it comes to Pauly, the words “constantly evolving” describe him very aptly… For well over a decade now he’s had a far-out-at-the-edges appearance, and more impressively, practically every six months he morphs to the next stage in his evolution, taking another step on this amazing journey. Here are a few pictures showing his most recent facial work.

pauly-evolves-1t pauly-evolves-2t pauly-evolves-3t

6 thoughts on “Can four nostrils become five?

  1. Up to 10g already after piercing in August at what, a 16 or 14? Still keeping the “unstoppable” award apparently.

  2. Pauly continues to show the way forward.Currently working on my septum I’m inspired to get my nostril piercings stretched as well.We can all get to where Pauly has reached if we really want it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. It’s fun to live vicariously though pauly.
    I’d never do that. I mean really, the earth is not flat.
    more like pauly unemployable.

    And I cant imagine having more holes to pick my nose through!!

    More power pauly!

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