UV Ink Rubbing

Dundalk, Ireland’s Baz Black (facebook.com/BazBlackPiercing) did this UV ink rubbing over a skin removal scarification of an exclamation mark. The top row shows the scar as it was fresh, back in December, and the bottom row shows it as it is now, seven weeks into healing. In an attempt to get the ink to stay more solidly, he had the customer come back every day for the first three days of healing, so he could change the dressing for him and reapply the UV glow ink each time. There’s a little bit of patchiness, but overall the effect is very solid.


4 thoughts on “UV Ink Rubbing

  1. Sorry for my ignorance but as I was growing up I was told that white ink as well as UV ink was not healthy for the skin and could cause Cancer. that idea got embedded inside my mind as if it was a fact and now I am looking for ideas for my own tattoos and I was wondering if this was only a myth or if there was something that has gotten resolved since the 90′s…

  2. White ink DEFINITELY does not cause cancer — in fact, in most cases it’s one of the more inert (ie. safer) types of tattoo ink. As to UV ink causing cancer, there’s no evidence to support that either. Some kinds of UV ink may not be as inert as one would like, but other kinds (such as the micro-bead encapsulated types) are much safer.

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