Lesya and Rouslan

Lesya Toumaniantz’s radical facial tattoo has recently gone viral, posted on thousands of Facebook pages with captions like “next level face tattoo” from Russia. So I thought it was time to tell the real story behind this remarkable tattoo.


About a month ago, Rouslan Toumaniantz, a well known and sometimes notorious Belgium-based tattoo artist (of Tattoo Box in Kortrijk), and Lesya, a designer living at the time in Saransk, a city in central Russia started talking via chat (Rouslan speaks fluent Russian) and realized they had a lot in common, and quickly began falling head over heels in love. About a week ago they met in person in Moscow and decided to get married — their plans for their life together include her learning to tattoo (Rouslan tells me she’s already a talented artist), apprenticing under her husband-to-be, while she also gets the full-body ink that she’s always dreamed of (biomech is the current plan) — and of course a family.

Her new facial tattoo that’s getting all the attention, a huge commitment for both a person with limited experience as a publicly modified person and for a new relationship screams out the intensity of their commitment to their new life, reads “RUSLAN”, the name of her betrothed. At first glance the tattoo echoes Latin American gang tattooing — MS-13 is the first thing that’s come to many people’s minds — and I worry that it could complicate future travel in the Americas, to say nothing of putting her in danger in some cities (of course, these are places where deaf people speaking sign language occasionally are stabbed when foolish gangmembers assume they’re throwing rival gang-signs). But to be clear, the tattoo has nothing about committing to a life in a gang — it’s a commitment to love.

I know that there are people who are terrified that Lesya has made a rash decision that she’ll regret horribly, but sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart rather than the ones long-debated in your mind. I know many people whose favorite mods are the ones they got “on a whim”, and who are still happily married to the person they fell for the instant they saw — “love at first sight” is an old truism — and proposed to within the week. I wish them the best of luck and hope that their life plays out as they dream it to be.

Edit/Update: People have asked why it says “RUSLAN” when I’m writing his name as “Rouslan”. It’s simply because one is the French spelling, and the other is the Russian/English spelling of the name — they chose the latter because it fit better on her face.


Continue after the break for a more explicit photo.


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152 thoughts on “Lesya and Rouslan

  1. Wow thats a huge commitment. Especialy for someone without mods to take that step, its a huge step to make, I think it looks amazing. One day I will have facial work done

  2. 2 things – 1) love nearly always doesn’t last, and 2) he appears to have spelt his name wrong?!

  3. Isn’t this the same guy who tattoo’d all the stars on that Belgian chicks face? Hopefully Lesya doesn’t have the same feelings afterwards :) .

  4. What a striking, milk white lady, perfect canvas. I’ll look forward to seeing how her suit develops
    Also, my best boy, Ronnie ( Iam Hatekill) surprised me last week by getting a sailor jerry flash heart, with my name in a scroll. It’s situated on his face.He wanted it because he says he loves me in a way which he had never felt before. I asked our tattooist if she was going to try and talk him out of it,to which she replied ” I would normally, but it’s YOU two!” :)

    Anyhoo, I believe that these kinds of occurances she be looked at with an open mind until you know the story behind them.I think this looks amazing on Lesya , they look very much in love and I wish them all the best x

  5. Every person who ends up divorced started out this much in love. No one thinks their relationship will break up. She had so much clear skin to cover first. Wow, I feel so sad for her upcoming regret.

  6. I wish them all the best. Wow, what a great canvas indeed!

    Their relationship could work! Buck and I met online and within the first 10 days spoke about (planned for) marriage–before we ever even met in person. We just KNEW we were perfect for each other immediately.

    And now we have been happy together for over 10 years. I continue to fall in love with him all the time.

  7. I don’t know how you could do that to someone you really loved? If I loved someone that strongly I wouldn’t even consider letting them go through with something like this *just in case* the relationship broke up – I wouldn’t want to saddle them with it. Maybe I’m overly practical.

  8. Guys, this is waycrazy. what tattoo artist would allow this to be someone’s 1 st tattoo? An artist that didnt think twice about putting 56 stars on someones face who also had no tattoos, and im not blaming him for that at all, she asked for it, but this all seems so strange to me. This kind of tattoo is incredibly isolating to a newbie and to me speaks of a control issues not true love. And btw just so you know, im heavily tattooed. No face tattoos yet, and maybe never, who knows… Bt Something like that takes really deep consideration i think, atleast for me and tho im all for true love this just makes me wary.

  9. The tattoo is beautiful. However, I am incredibly skeptical and weary of anyone that tattoos their name on their partner’s face (even if it is done with full consent).

    I will be blunt: this doesn’t *look* like love, this looks like him claiming her as his property in the most public way possible.

  10. I agree with BARF in some respects- whose idea was this? Was it hers or his? She appears significantly younger than he is, as well. There is a power dynamic there that makes it weird; a good guy would want his girlfriend to wait a bit before diving into a serious mod like this. Hell, most tattooists would not do a facial piece on someone without a lot of other tattoos. He appears to just have a thing for tattooing faces.

    Shannon has for years pushed a (usually subtle) misogyny on Modblog, so it’s not unusual for him to think that “marking her as his property” and “love” are the same thing, especially considering his own sexual attachment to modification and his constant projection of that onto others.

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  12. It’s well done, and because it’s new (that style, that placement, that size) there’s going to be a lot of crap talking, but as long as she likes it and can live with it, awesome. If she doesn’t, I hope she calls us and we can help.

  13. whatever people say about the meaning behind it, i must admit i absolutely love how it looks on her face. strictly speaking from aesthetics, the placement & stylistic choices are perfect. imnsho & all that.

  14. I wonder how long it’ll be before we see the inevitable cover up/laser removal. Sorry, but this was a horrible, horrible idea & looks absolutely wretched. Poor girl.

  15. It’s a beautiful design with a lovely story, and the tattoo fits so well with her face!

  16. Oh dear. I agree with those questioning the tattoo. Putting your name on someones face forever, especially if you’re older than them, is really creepy and bordering on abuse. You only have to look at the second photo posted here where he is pretty much fingering her to see the power dynamic in their relationship.

  17. Oh great.. Another “bright” person to poke every modified person’s sides, as they are trying to play the “career and being taken seriously” Jenga.

    No wonder I often have to convince people that I am not a moron, despite my mods.

  18. Obviously, something like this will always raise a debate, and it’s a good thing that it does. However, if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s (presumably) modified people telling other modified people that they WILL regret their mods in the future, and on a body modification website nonetheless. Intolerant, ignorant and thoughtless. As a modified person I find it extremely disheartening that that kind of stuff is thrown around here, since I’ve always seen BME as sort of a safe place, where you shouldn’t be showered with the stupid comments you hear in every other place on earth.

    Anyway, I think the tattoo looks completely amazing! Especially since she has no other work done, it’s really strong. I really hope these guys’ plans work out, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her, her work and what she gets done!

  19. really, really stupid. she looks awful. her life is ruined. the tattoo “artist” that did this is a prick.

  20. What a beautiful girl. I think she actually pulls the tattoo off quite well….but i think a girl this radiantly beautiful could pull off having anything tattooed on her face. That being said, i truly wish she didnt have a man’s name (or a partners name is what i mean) on her face. I do agree with the “ownership” issue comments, and i find the concept disturbing. I truly hope for her sake the relationship works…. My dad told my mom the day after he met her he loved her and they are together 37 years later, all old and tattooed up. lol So you never know. :)

  21. That tattoo does not spell “Ruslan”, the next the first letter on the left side of her face is obviously an “s”,done in the same style as the first “s”.She has”Russia” tattooed on her face, not that dumb man’s name

  22. This guy looks like he’s fucking insane. I completely agree with the comment regarding the power dynamic, and how obvious it is that a large degree of dominance and submissiveness was necessary for such a ridiculous decision. Her first tattoo. Because she plans to get covered anyway. Well thats just fucking dandy. I can’t help but think large amounts of drugs/mental disturbances are always playing a role here. Cunts fucked. It looks shit too. Like idk if it was done well wouldn’t know, but it looks like complete anus.

  23. What a fucking mess! pretty girl now looks like a freak, and i’m covered in tattoo’s, this weirdo has done this to make her his property..that is all….you would not do this to someone you loved!!

  24. I don’t think anyone is trying to be super critical of her mods, bt this is mentally abusive. She doesn’t realize that and I don’t think he does either. But he knows way more than her about the life of having a mod like this. The body language in that bottom picture says it all.

  25. This is the same guy that tattooed (terribly tattooed) the 56 stars on a girl’s face some yars ago…

    We all already know what the end we’ll see.

    This guy doesn’t desearve the title of tattoo artist.

  26. I am fascinated by face tattoos but don’t have the courage to have one myself, even though well on my way to a bodysuit.

    This face tattoo makes me uneasy, though. It tends to obliterate a lot of her face rather than enhance it. Also share view that face tattoos are best done only when you have extensive body tattoos.

    But I wish her happiness.

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  28. Personally, I love the look of this tattoo, one of the best face tattoos I have seen, even though it’s design is relatively simple. But personally, I don’t think I could make a commitment to getting my partners name tattooed on me, just in case. You never know what the future holds. Although, saying that, they could be together for the rest of their lives.

  29. Wow. Talk about a high school crush type relationship (where the guy is manipulative) and this is what happens. You are not art. You are stupid and impulsive.

  30. OMG first how the hell do you kiss someone with that much hardware in your lip? It’s just disgusting.

    Second, the biggest mistake you can make is putting a name of your SO/BF/Dh on you. Especially if the relationship is new. But on her face? She’s never going to be hired for a normal job again. She better hope she is one damn good tattoo artist!

  31. this is down right creepy. sorry. I hope she has a community of loving friends that will keep an eye on her well being as their relationship develops. This dude is trying to live out a power fantasy at her expense.

  32. No, fuck this shit. This isn’t love, you don’t tell someone you love to get your name tattooed on their face. It’s beyond egotism. This is fucking stupid.

  33. Besides being extremely rash it just looks like overall bad design. She is beautiful and if he were going to do something along these lines he could have attempted to do something that would have complimented the beauty that is already there. This is no better than the Golden Palace forehead tattoo.

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  35. Im all for true love…but seriously on her face? his name would have looked equally as nice on her ass. Hopefully there love works out. Do u want fries with that?

  36. She is stunning. I cannot stop looking at the last photo! Awesome art, “all for love” am I right? I hate seeing this photo float around Facebook with attached stigma and judgement before they even try and get to know this beautiful woman.

    She wears that tattoo not only with clear pride, but she wears it magnificently as far as an aesthetically pleasing tattoo goes..

  37. This “tattoo artist” is the exact problem that we are currently faced in our industry. It is irresponsible, dangerous decisions like this that are plaguing the tattooing world. To see someone disfigure themselves like that, is not only saddening, it’s enraging. This idiot has already proven he should not be tattooing anyone when he tattooed another young girls face and got world wide recognition.

    This is when hammers and broken hands need to make a come back. Fuck this dude. Get out of our industry.

  38. I get so tired of hearing/seeing people say “Oh she was so beautiful…until she got tattooed/pierced/branded/cut her hair/got a nose job.” (About women in general) Like she wasn’t before? Like the entire sum of her being is based on what you think of her outer appearance?
    Saying someone is on drugs or mentally ill because they tattooed their face is a pretty ignorant statement. This is one of the rampant misconceptions about the modified community and I really don’t expect to see it bandied about on ModBlog.
    She made the choice to get her face tattooed, she has to live with it in the future. If they’re in love, and it lasts, more power to them. I hope it does.

  39. This made me laugh so hard I had to poo. I have only seen this Rouslan on my screen for 2 times and both times I needed to change my diper. Cant wait what next he’s up to!

  40. I think this is beautiful. Fits her very well! What I cannot believe is all these people in the comments who ‘claim’ to be a part of our modified community who are judging her and putting her down. You people disgust me. Fuck you and your un-needed hurtful comments. Abuse? Really? Stupid close minded assholes is what you people are. This girl has a beautiful vision of herself and what she wants to look like and she is living her dream now. I fully support her and her relationship. If you can’t handle the fact that people modify themselves for thier own reasons and NOT YOURS, then you need to get the fuck out of our community, punk ass pussys.

  41. I think the tattoo looks great. And even if the relationship doesn’t last, that doesn’t mean she can’t keep the tattoo. Relationships change us, people leave their mark. If things don’t turn out, the tattoo still looks good. If that happens, hopefully she can re-contextualize the art and appreciate it in a different way.

    I thought it looked amazing before I could even read what it said. A skilled touch-up artist should be able to change it into something equally cool if need be.

    Of course, the best thing would be for this to work out. Good luck to them.

  42. Well, she is a gorgeous lady,,,the ink is extremely well done, it’s her face and it looks beautiful on her,,,,,,,,, My parents were together 66 years so who are we to say whether these two will make it or not,,,, I wish them the best of luck and hope to see more artwork as it gets done on her…..

  43. The world is so cynical. I understand why but the beauty of the picture of them together speaks volumes. Its also very artistic. I hope that the bond they share lasts a lifetime. Be blessed you too. <3

  44. folks this is not artistic.And sure the tattoo looks okay newly done in photos but whose to say what it will look like later? and of course she is going to keep the tattoo no matter what happens, removing this would be more damaging…. that guy is flaunting his control over his new lady in that last picture, he is not showing love. He is over sexualizing her with his finger in her crotch for others to say ” see what i got!”. A headshot pic of them just smiling together, showing what “he got” would have been just fine.He didnt have to share this one. Im not aginst shots like this, but just ask yourself why would he share this? look at his body langauge. This guy got his rocks off from the last little bit of publicity he got doing that other girl’s face and he is doing the same with this. She’s an adult, and she can do what she wants, but getting your face tattooed right away by someone you don’t even know is dangerous. Love is soooooo awesome, but its lovely irrationality can hide all sorts of unforseen violence and danger….you have to really pay attention and tread carefully. I am so not against face tattoos and i am practically covered but my gut feels real bad about this one.

  45. lastly here he is with her sister in a pic taken last summer. Seems to me like the details they have floating around about their relationship may be more to see how they could push the shock value for publicity purposes?

    i mean im sure the tattoo is real,but the fact that they made sure that the photos didnt show any more of her other tattoos? i dont know guys. i hate the internet sometimes.

  46. All of you dolts whom are congratulating and praising her will be eating it later. Looks awful, good tat work but it ruined her face. Maybe I am quick to judge but I am guessing neither are well educated nor do they plan on having a serious career in the future. He beats her with the bottle he drinks from and she calls it love. If you want your children to refrain from this sh!t, may I suggest the paddle. Do not beat them within inches of life but do make sure they realize rules will created and enforced. Thanks for the entertainment you dumb hillbillies.

  47. I’m so glad we all the opportunity to make our own choices and mistakes in life. She was happy to have it done if it doesn’t last then that is her mistake to have made and learn from. Good luck to you both may you both be as blissfully happy always as you seem in these photos.

  48. Fucking dumb, I mean wtf?
    Any decent artist worth their salt would NOT do this on someone without extensive heavy coverage
    And yet so many of you are blowing smoke up the arse of the artist and bme…
    SMH & Facepalm

  49. As one poster said, “…..marking one’s property” or like a child who writes his name on all his toys.

  50. He should have written ‘Property of Ruslan’ that would make him proper ego boost i guess. And she should start saving up for a laser treartment. But who am I to say that uh?

  51. She looks beautiful! She was obviously a radiant women before and the tattoo definitely doesn’t change that. It really goes well with her face and is very well done. However as others have pointed out I wish for her own sake that she had started out with a mod that was less extreme.

  52. The worst part about this entire thing is that he spells his name Ruslan on her face, but Rouslan on everything else.

    Regardless of their love, or the fact that the might possibly be together forever, probability says that it will end, therefore it is a massive mistake.

    He is an awful man for letting her do this so early into the relationship, regardless if it was her idea or not. I feel very sorry for her, she is such a pretty young girl, best hope there is a few ‘Ruslan’s’ out there!

  53. Wtf man?! What were they thinking? What if after 2-3 years the relationship doesn’t work anymore? She will cut her cheeks? This is madness man! I’m a tatoo artist to,but i don’t see the point in tattooing your girlfriend/wife face whit your name like branding a cow!

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  55. i think its lovely,i wish them luck,and i av face tatts myself so obviously i lv it ,great respect to them both xx

  56. I think RealMonster said it best.
    Regardless of any context, I think the tattoo itself looks beautiful in every aspect. It does not take away from her “previous beauty” as people have been putting it. The fact that people are still saying that today astounds me. It’s an absolutely awful thing to say, so stop saying it. Would you say that to a woman who has spent years modifying her face to her own liking? No, you would say, “good for her.” I think she was beautiful before, and still is beautiful now.
    However, I can’t help but agree with previous comments about how this screams “ownership”. I don’t really think it was a good decision, however, if they stay happily married for the rest of their lives, then that’s wonderful! All the power to them.
    The tattoo is aesthetically pleasing, but it just doesn’t seem like a healthy start to their relationship.

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  58. If I was her Ma, I would be in a fit of tears,,,,but I am not so I can only shake my head at her.

  59. i have tattoos, i know many artists and they all agree this is so wrong, he is marking the poor girl. she is loved up/besotted with him etc ,as with the stars he is trying to control and he should have his bloody hands cut off before he defaces any one else, if that was my daughter he would be dead

  60. I’m still not convinced its real, I am not against facial tattoos each to their own, I have many tattoos that others may not like, I personally do not like this it reminds me of a gang tattoo and yes i do think she will regret it but we all have many regrets in life just because most aren’t visible doesn’t mean they are not there,

  61. This was not her first tattoo. Doesn’t really make it any less shocking though; the naked photo freaks me out – she looks like a child. The shape of the tattoo completely obliterates her face, it seems to change the shape of her cheeks (& looks a bit Hannibal Lecter-ish).

    The smaller tattoo above her eyebrow (which she had before the massive ownership stamp) says ‘All For Love’. No shit.

    I really really hope she knows what she’s doing – although all the evidence suggests that she doesn’t.

  62. This is very very extreme. As a tattooist, I would never do this tattoo on someone…especially someone who was this young and otherwise inexperienced. I’m also against doing spouse-name tattoos in general.

    But that is MY OPINION and MY LIMIT.

    This woman and this tattooist have made a choice that is no one else’s business. While I understand that something this high profile isn’t going to go ignored, I don’t understand how hateful most of the reactions seem to be.

    Saying that a pretty girl getting her face tattooed will ruin her life is sexist. For one, it thrusts a status-quo standard of beauty on her as if it’s her fucking duty to uphold it. If she were considered an ugly girl, would it be more acceptable for her to have a large facial tattoo? Are phsycally appealing people obligated to fit into other people’s concept of beauty by default? Is she not allowed to express herself into a more singular, personal manner because the general public owns pretty faces?

    And how does that ruin her life? Is being conventionally pretty her only talent, skill, or option? Why are men allowed to be strange looking and sucessful, but women are supposed to be sucessful only after being attractive? She wants to get into the body modification profession. I don’t think the state of her skin is going to interfere with how she lays in a line. Being a pretty face does not define most women.

    As for the tattooist, calling him a monster or setting limitations on how he may or may not conduct his legal business with consenting adults is absurd…especially here. Imposing restrictions on what he may do within the legal bounderies will only hinder the rest of the industry, clinets and artists alike.

    We all have our comfort zones but why does it make you so mad that these people don’t want to live in or define themselves by yours?

  63. i totally agree that we all have our limits. But what strikes me odd here is that this is the same guy that chose to tattoo 56 stars on a girls face without a consent form of any kind. It’s okay for him to showcase his work, but if u really loved someone wouldnt you protect them a little, maybe not share the backstory yet, protect privacy and the feelings of your loved one, just show the work? Why so quick to showcase something that is really so personal with no care or nuance? It just strikes me as incredibly suspicious on his part. also, for the dudes out there, any lady that would agree or demand to do something like this so quick to show you “her love” is one u need to be wary of too. I so believe in true love and i love facial tattoos, i don’t think they are life ruinous. But because of this guys past history I am convinced that this is going to end very badly. If he had just been some random tattooer who hadnt already done something professionally questionable I’d almost not question this. There is something very negatively pathological about this on both ends and i hope their collective community keeps an eye on them so that no gets too badly hurt.this is not what love looks like.

  64. Wow.. To be honest, my first thought was that it is a shame for such a naturally beautiful girl to change her appearance so drastically, especially in a way that nearly every one outside of the body modification community (and even a lot of those within it, apparently) would not find attractive… However, I also tend to be something of a hopeless romantic and think it’s a wonderfully amazing gesture of love and devotion, and I truly hope they live happily ever after.

  65. She does not have a face anymore, the tattoo has taken over. That is all people will see until the end of time.

  66. hey, this dude has put his name on another girfriends face. I’m sorry, I wanted to support him, but this dude is a prick and gives every hard working tattooer out there a really bad name.

  67. I think the problem lies in the “breaking” of the aesthetic harmony. Her face is naturally perfect and that tattoo looks rather a graffiti to me. Who likes graffitis on beautiful buildings? Anytime I see one it makes me so sad. Human face is one of the most interesting things for all of us, and this ugly tattoo does not let me enjoy her radiant face.

  68. if haircut genuinely thinks this is no more extreme than eating factory processed food (which I can only assume they disapprove of or why mention it?) then they are a deluded idiot – in what world is this the same, or ‘no more extreme’? Not this one… you can shit out the food, this is forever. It screams ownership. To call the sub-human who did this an ‘artist’ is ridiculous, it would look awful on a canvas and it looks awful here, there is no imagination style or artistry whatsoever, just a case of ‘sociopath irrevocably scars impressionable youngster’. One of them will likely die before the other anyway even if the marriage lasts so that argument doesn’t hold water – when one makes a life altering decision – even including marriage or having a baby – one does not HAVE to rush, that is the whole point… if their love was really meant to last then there would have been no harm at all in waiting five or ten years… this is wrong wrong wrong and to defend it is hillbilly nonsense dressed up as ‘freedom of expression’ when it is the exact opposite. She has built herself a life-long prison with one stupid act of assent to a bullying moron.

  69. Seriously.. There’s no “pulling off the tattoo well”. If anything, it looks like she has facial hair, which isn’t flattering at all. Lmao.

  70. I Love havily tattooed women and facial tattoos, but although at first glance it appears as well designed black work, it loses much of it’s beauty and any semblance of something to enhance the girl’s beauty when you find out i’ts some old creepers NAME!! shamey shame shame on yooo dude!!

  71. I find it strange that for a group of people that claim to own their bodies, there sure seems like a load of negative remarks about her choice of a tattoo. I guess hypocrites come from all groups.

  72. So wait, he’s previously done this before to a girlfriend and he was able to find another one stupid enough? He must be the world’s luckiest man. I wonder if we will be hearing of stupid, face-tattooed gf #3 soon.

    I’m a judgemental tattooed asshole. The tattoo looks like shit, does nothing but distract you from her natural beauty. Also, shouldn’t he know that tattoos on lips ALWAYS fade and end up looking like shit?

  73. I honestly think she looks stunning.

    And besides, as long as she’s happy, right? It’s none of our business whether we don’t like it or not. You shouldn’t just judge her based on her tattoo.

    And for those saying the last picture, that Rouslan is a controlling freak. It was probably the photographer. I mean, you don’t know him, what if he’s actually a nice guy?

  74. Wow. Just… wow. I can’t think of anything positive to say about this. Usually it’s a dumb idea to put a name on your body because love fizzles out just as fast as it sparks to life. If she had the name done on her arm or somewhere else, she could at least try to ignore it. She’s going to be seeing that name on her face for the rest of her life every time she looks into a mirror. I actually see a lifetime of her caking make-up to her face to obscure it as much as she can after the relationship is gone.

    Here’s to hoping her relationship lasts a long, long time…

  75. That man has permanently disfigured that poor girl. She was beautiful, but now you can’t see anything beyond the black ink. What a stupid girl to allow someone to put his name in giant letters on her FACE. You will regret this Lesya, it is only a matter of time. It’s plain ugly and it is obvious that you do not have a mind of your own. Good luck with your life, you’re going to need it.

  76. Holy christ, i know people can be a bit daft when in love or a new relationship, maybe rush in to somethings or do something spontaneous or out of the ordinary, most of us could be found guilty of it. Seriously though ?! Tattoo your name on me ? Oh in big writing ? Oh and also on my FACE?! And i mean ALL OVER MY FACE? This girl looks a lot younger than the guy and for this guy to do this to her, i mean there is definitely something wrong with him and probably her (although clearly suggestible), or he is just a flat out prick. It seems like some weird branding, or some form of ownership of her? Seriously, it’s fucked up, stop congratulating them, its fucking stupid!

  77. I see this is disguised misogyny. I don’t see why your expression of love needs to shown in such an extreme manner. To me this is disgusting, she has submitted herself to be HIS property. You are never the property of someone else no matter how in love you are… she looks like shes now his slave.
    She seems smart, sensible (from looking on her facebook) and the world just knows him to be some crazy tattoo artist. Why would she let him do this to her?

    Maybe I have these views because I view a lot of things through feminist eyes, but I think anyone who lives and functions and a “normal” society would see that this tattoo is beyond reasonable. Lesya is beautiful now and she was really beautiful before but a dramatic change like this could easily put someone into depression, especially with the viral media covering this story. People are speculating, not only from a public standpoint but also her friends, family.
    People can do as they please but for now this story makes me feel weak. I wish them all the best and hope their love survives because tattoo removal for that would be so fucking painful and would cost you 6 figures.

  78. If they are together after 20 years and she has her fullbody suit it will look great.

    it’s not my place to question this, i know. but i don’t believe in these “romantic” name tattoos, and she has one on her face. as a first tattoo. why their relationship would need his name to be on her face, covering it. like a burka.

    but anyways, all the best and new adventures for the future!

  79. I wonder if this guy has some sort of Charles Mason type of appeal to women. The tattoo is amazing and looks really good on her. The guy just weirds me out, something about him thats dark

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  81. Oh dear, this is so naive. The whole story – and the tattoo is just the icing on the cake. She is very young and clearly hasn’t yet realised that relationships rarely last more than a few years. She really can’t know after a MONTH of chatting online that this will last forever. Many horrendous marriages start off with a swift courtship and proposal like this.

  82. I think it looks awesome on you!! I am tattooed from top of neck to toes… I’m out of skin..I’m 55 and don’t regret any of it!! I have been with other women like July from California and her whole face is tattooed! It’s not for me but it was cartoons.. I’m not a cartoon person! I love oriental work and angels, flowers! I can’t judge you for your face! And I think it is a personal choice! :)

  83. This is disturbing. This very naive needy young girl has lost her face at the hands of this man. Her eyes look like they peek out of black prison gates. She was perfectly lovely before and now she has this permanent Halloween mask etched onto her face. It looks like a form of punishment or branding from medieval times or a dark sic-fi movie. She has gone from looking so beautiful to looking like that man’s slave woman. Tragic. How could she have gone along with this?????????????

  84. ppl saying the photographer prob staged the photo? come on now? a guy that is willing to put this sort of thing on his girlfriends faces ( leysa is not the only one, the other girl at least got to keep some of her face) is not going to let a photog boss him around. He’s trying to brag in that photo. The lewdness is not a lewdness that shows the beauty of love, it shows the start of mind control. If he didnt want the media attention he could have posted the face photos without telling the personal back story, keeping the naked stuff for he and his lady to enjoy. He got drunk off of the 56 star thing. If the tattoo had been done by someone else who doesnt have the prof issues he has been shown to have before i would have almost been okay with this story, but he’s showing a pattern and i only hope that Leysa’s friends and family are keeping an eye on their “love”.

  85. If it wasnt his name id be okay with this. Big lettering tattoos like this look gang land like tho, but if she had gotten some big black work piece across her face, tribal or even traditional western tattoo images, and even if her so called fiance did it, id support her and him. The setup behind all of this tho as it stands now is just way to creepy.

  86. I am a fan of extreme tattoos myself but still i was shocked when i read this story.

    It is very obvious what is going on:

    She is young and naive and thinks this kind of “commitment” will get her something from him. The fact that she is talking about a family etc. proves that point.

    But he is a psychopath who just wants to impose his power on young women by disfiguring their faces. From his point of view, she is just another victim of his power games and she will not get anything from him. Like his former girlfriend who also had his name on her face she will just get dumped and he will look for another victim.

  87. We can have some fun working out she can modify these if the worst happens to the relationship.

  88. @ Shannon Larratt Yeh u spin it as whatever “symbolically” retarded, quasi commitment garbage excuse you like champion (as in “spark plug”). One day that girls gonna wake up and want to hack her face off…moron! or she could be in 0.0001% of people who “love” their spouse or ex-spouses name on them…as a PROFESSIONAL Tattooist I think “Ruslan” should have “FUCKTARD” tattooed across his forehead in shitty Gothic text…you reckon THAT’S love you joke…? If “FUCKTARD” had one single ounce of ‘love” or “integrity” he would NEVER have defaced a obviously stupid and naive young girl with his autograph, let alone in “dog marking it’s territory” shitty Gothic rubbish font across her once pretty face…period!!!! And you…you must be some kind of spineless flip-flop desperate-for-a-story ladder climbing scumbag for even attempting to justify this obvious vandalism of a young and impressionable young girl and spin it as the ultimate expression of love. How can you look at yourself in the morning and be proud of seeing you staring back? I think YOU should have “slimeball scumbag journalist” tattooed on your forehead FUCKTARD

  89. If I were this girl’s dad, I would probably find her boyfriend and cut off his face for doing that.

  90. @mikmassingham come on now, no need to get all insulting. that poor girl definitely needs some understanding friends. i dont agree with Shannon’s assessment either but I don’t see his opinion as poor journalism. All sorts of things could happen in this situation.I hope whatever it is will happen quickly tho for everyone’s sake. I feel so bad for both of them honestly, more her than him, but still…. And i hope to god no one tries to copy cat this “devotion”.Any boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance whatever that is okay with you doing this to yourself does not love you.

  91. I don’t care about the tattoo on her face – looks stupid anyway. What I care about is why tattooists have to stuff up script type. I am a typesetter for more than 40 years and I absolutely hate the way tattooists put gothic, medieval and script fonts in all upper case. It should only ever be written in initial caps followed by lower case. Written this way it looks much nicer and is easier to read. All upper case – wrong, wrong, wrong.

  92. so where the fuck is her name tattooed across his face? or something in similar fashion? dude’s a fucking dick.

  93. See my comment directly above. If he had have done the tattoo in upper and lower case, as this type face should be written, he could have put the Rou on one cheek and the slan on the other. That way there would be the correct spelling and it would have been balanced.

  94. I was waiting to see some higher-res, healed pics of her face, to see how this turned out. Lesya has put a bunch up on Facebook, and the quality of the piece isn’t as good as I’d assumed from the fresh photos. A lot of the solid black healed splotchy, which can be remedied (and she has said that they’re planning another round on this piece). But what’s more unfortunate is the thin linework – in many spots, it’s uneven and wonky. That’s going to be a lot harder to remedy, unless the lines are darkened to even them out. Here are links to a couple of the pics:



  95. Wow times have changed. It wasn’t that long ago that professional artists refused to tattoo faces, hands & even feet.
    Inking anyone’s face like that is not a loving act.
    A once beautiful girl now scarred for life. Sad. :-(

  96. A loving relationship required that both parties give equal committment to the other. I will accept this relationship as true when this guy has this girls name tattooed on his face in five inch lettering. They are getting married. Each will make an equal committment to the other. At the moment it seems very one sided to me. This girl is wearing her committment to him on her face but he is not. So lets see his committment to her now.
    Lets have “LESYA” in 5 inch lettters on his face without delay. Is 24 hours long enough to do it? Lesya did it in 24 hours. If he does this I will be delighted for them both for the committment they each have made to the other. At the moment its only Lesya who has made any committment. If he doesnt do this then Im afraid I think very little of him indeed. Anyone agree? Lets see her name inked on him!

  97. @rocky

    he does have her name on his face, much smaller tho– so he can get it covered up or pierced over later. im really sad to say this, but this will end badly at some point.

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  99. I would like to see laws written thst require 1) psych exam 2) informed consent 3) at least 42hr waiting period — for people under 21 it should be 100% illegal even if parents consent.

  100. Yay Rocky! Perhaps you could start a petition or something ;-) Although his face is pretty busy already so maybe a nice big scar or branding would be better? And why stop at his face? I really think he should carve Lesya’s name on his cock too, seeing as he is so keen to claim ownership of her genitals (in the naked photo *shudder*). Come on Rouslan, fair’s fair!

  101. “I know that there are people who are terrified that Lesya has made a rash decision that she’ll regret horribly, but sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart rather than the ones long-debated in your mind.”

    What kind of damn logic is that?

    The *worst* decisions are also those you make in an instant with your heart, rather than the ones long-debated in your mind.

  102. First of all, the story doesn’t mention that the tattoo was given to her within 24 hours of their FIRST TIME MEETING in real life. Ugh. You can’t love someone if you don’t KNOW them. :/

  103. You look a sight that is is worst thing you could of done, getting a name but all across your face. Hope you wont do that do your children, plus wait till your older it will look F’ing hideous

  104. I support her commitment. I am skeptical of his and echo
    A lot of the control, irresponsibility, misspelling, imperfect artwork, and unilateral commitment issues raised by many commenters. I picture the full body photo without him; beautiful. I picture it without her; boring and in-impactful. I picture her without his brand on her face; full of promise. I wish them both success
    And continued happiness.

  105. My grandparents married within a month of meeting each other in their early 20s. They are now in their mid 80s and have had 4 sons and a very good life. Anything is possible.

  106. Not even well thought out, artistic or creative…..the work isn’t even well done or even, does not “modify” her, it consumes her…covers her up. NO IMAGINATION at all….and certainly not from her image of herself. She is his possession…not a creative expression of herself. Can anyone say irresponsible, narcissitic sociopath brainwashing an impressionable and submissive little girl???? YUK!!!!!! This IS the startling beginning of an abusive relationship. She will feel like she needs him. He has isolated her and is already taking control of her future in an instant. She’s been branded. Nothing less. He’s sick.
    Too bad he didn’t just piss on her…she could have washed that off.

  107. If he wanted to mark her he could have just pissed on her face…..atleast you can wash that off…smh

  108. It was rash and impulsive, and she should have thought it over.

    However it is very beautiful on her.

  109. Pathetic and ruined for life. What a waste, I may understand the psychotic guy, what an abuse… sad, very sad. Tattoes is not that and it’s not “posing” that way. Obviously he has some deep problems, bah.

  110. Mental disease no doubt. Most of us have a filter that helps us refrain from extreme or impulsive actions like this even when we are head over heels. Manic episodes can often times remove that filter and not only prevent our refrain from these self harming actions, but actually instigate them. Very sad. Beautiful girl who made a horrible mistake. No sense trying to sugar coat it.

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