Personal Evolution – Part II

This entry continues in a series that shows the personal aesthetic evolution of people with facial modifications, tracking them from before they started (or as early as they can document) to where they are now, with a few steps in between. If you’d like to take part by the way, please drop me a line via email ([email protected] just for this project; please use the regular channels for normal BME submissions) or on my Facebook page, including at least three relevant photos. Enjoy!

Oh, and an interesting side comment — for a lot of heavily modified individuals, I’ve noticed it’s hard for them to track down unmodified photos (or even sometimes “less modified” photos), as if they’re making efforts to erase any record of who they were before so that their current state can be eternal.

Remember, you can click the “evolution” tag to see all entries of this type.

Anthony Green

Hugh Mattay

John Osborne

Mechanical Demon

Mikel Monkeymeat

The Lizardman

2 thoughts on “Personal Evolution – Part II

  1. Always thought that Michael Monkeymeat looked really nice , especially with his unique wearing of his septum piece !

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