White Ink Eyeball Tattoo Update

Pinhead in Florida (find him at Fat Mermaid in Fort Lauderdale) has done some more work on Dizzy’s white ink eyeball tattoo — something that I admit I didn’t initially think would work, but as you can see, wow, it works great and it makes him look like some sort of anime character. The look it produces is completely unreal — in Dizzy it looks cartoonish, especially with the other eye being bright blue, but I can imagine in someone else that it would make them look like an android, pushing them into the uncanny valley.



5 thoughts on “White Ink Eyeball Tattoo Update

  1. That is absolutely incredible. Easily the most “holy crap that must be photoshop” mod I’ve seen

  2. Where are people getting these eyeball tattoos done? I have been living in rural TN for the past 2years and haven’t been around the usual groups of lads whom would know this information. Looks amazing and I want one so bad!

  3. the white eyeball tattoo blows my little mind noodle. 😀
    i would really love to be able to see how it looks over time.
    i love the fact that it looks unreal and it’s the colour (or lack thereof) that really has put the mod onto the list of something i will definitely be considering as i watch the process/technique improve and change.

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