DIY Subinicision Regret and Closure

It’s pretty rare for people to reverse meatotomies and subincisions — if anything, they tend to grow longer rather than shorter — but it does happen. Sometimes it’s just because people enjoy modifying their bits in may different ways (this is covered in detail in the Meet Tommy book), and at other times it has to do with regrets, either of the individual themselves (sometimes people cut themselves in a sort of “sexual frenzy” and get carried away, pushing their mods farther than they are ready for) or their worries about how others will respond.

Patrick Kielty (of Body Alter in Worksop, England who you may remember from this recent achilles piercing post) was recently called in to repair a self-done subincision. The wearer seemed unsure from the start about what they had done, and for the first week kept it hidden away and wrapped up in tissue paper. Realizing the problem wasn’t going to solve itself, he went to Patrick for the reconstruction because his subincision “made him feel weird” and “it just needed fixing”. The procedure itself was as you’d expect — cut open the inside edges and stitch it back together. While doing the closure, Patrick also used a small urethral sound to ensure that the urethra was kept at an appropriate size. In addition, because the wearer had originally worn a 15mm PA prior to the splitting, when Patrick closed it up, he left a PA hole, which now holds a captive bead ring.

The pictures continue after the break — they are of course NSFW and “adults only”.

subrepair-1t subrepair-2t subrepair-3t

11 thoughts on “DIY Subinicision Regret and Closure

  1. poor “reconstruction” job; poor placement of the sutures; also, it would have been necessary to shave the pubic area prior to intervention

    the fact that he healed without an infection is just a matter of luck.
    instead of going to a butcher for a job like this, i’d close it myself anytime.

  2. In the artist’s defense, you have to place the sutures at the site of the original cut, which he was not responsible for. you can only work with what you have

  3. I started my meatotomie when I was 16, and have continued to add a little bit more to it every year since. And have never looked back. Currently I am itching to extend it even more. I enjoy doing small steps rather than doing the entire length of my penis at once. It doesn’t look like this client gave his split time to fully heal, and I think that had he given it more of a chance he would have very quickly learned to enjoy his mod. I guess all that matters is that he is happy now. All though I think that the scarring from the reconstruction is more odd looking than the actual split itself, which from the looks of it in the first picture wouldn’t even be very noticeable had it been fully healed, and relaxed

  4. That’s why one should always think things over, weigh the pros and cons before performing or having a modification done such as subincision. Like Lucas, I started cutting and never looked back and now have a full subincision. Sure some people aren’t going to like it. Some people don’t like bald guys, or tattoos, or horror movies or body hair or pepperoni pizza. The point is a person should be secure with their body, their decision and understand being different is never going to be accepted by everyone. Do it for you, and if your partner doesn’t like it, you have to decide what’s important to you. Yes, my partner left me after 13 yrs together and used my subincision as a way to try to shame me and blame me for his wanting to break up. True that may be a part of it, but I can tell you there were many other reasons he wanted to go, that was just an easy excuse, and in leaving he felt it necessary to broadcast it to our mutual friends. They have never seen it and the mature ones feel its a personal decision.

    I have a new partner now, and he’s indifferent about my modified penis, which is fine. We are happy. It can happen.


  5. I want to keep my cock with it’s PA, but would like to have my balls removed and my ball sack turned into labia lips.

  6. For one it looks like the person used a damn hack saw to cut with….. Use a hemostat and clamp it down where you want the cut. Keep closing them on the head until they are all the way closed then leave them for 15min to and hour. No pain meds or ice or anything else needed and believe me I’m not into pain like that but this little bit of pain got me off. Never thought I could cut while cutting my penis head lmao. When you take them off the skin will be clear and you can cut it with sharp scissors. Very little blood and correct after care and you will have an amazing meatotomy like myself. I love it… But if mine looked like this one I wouldn’t want it either.

  7. Hello,
    I got my PA several years ago and like many (I am sure) I got too greedy too fast. I went from a 12g to a 00g in a year. When I saw tiny amounts of blood, I thought it was stretching. In fact, it was ripping out. I realized this and stopped wearing my PA.

    I am looking to repair it as I want to be able to wear it again. I have a little bit of skin in tact from the urethral opening to the pa hole. Any ideas on how to fix this so that I can go back to my PA.

    Thanks, Craig

  8. Just wanted to say that have subscribed to bme, several times and posted pix. Have a bifurcation of cock, numerous piercings, suspension, branding, cutting, etc. never regretted any of the mods and practices. Still many more experiences to go…can’t wait to experience the other mods. Think this book could help me experience my continued growth. Already have seen urologist for my next step of mod. to have scrotal and testicular removal for my next spiritual growth…

  9. Hey Kelly Wells I see you said you have a Bifurcation and dont regret it. I turn 33 in a few days and want to start my cock bifucation and leave my glans intact. I cant find any information on the web about the procedure.. I am a member on another mod site and everyone treated me like a freak when i asked about it. Anyway just wondering if anyone knows any sites or could help.. Thanks

  10. I have a subincision. I did mine myself. I havent done any cutting for almost a year untill today I took a small cut.

  11. Started slowly and now I have a full meatotomy and started a subinsicion which I do not want to take too far. Clamping and cutting has been my methodology but now looking for a surgeon to do it… for two reasons… It hurts like hell now to clamp and I’d like to have a ‘clean’ cut!

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