What to call this?

I’ve posted creative work before by Courtney Jane Maxwell of Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis (saintsabrinas.com) — a creative lobe placement and an unusual helix piercing — and here again she takes advantage of a customer that came in with slightly unusual ear anatomy. Most people would have a fold in their ear where a snug piercing could be placed, but this person presented an entirely flat surface, with the inner conch running out to the edge of the ear. The customer had actually come in wanting a triple forward helix, but Courtney offered her something much more unique.

unusual conch piercing

6 thoughts on “What to call this?

  1. Looks very much like the constellation Orion (with the belt, feet and shoulder).

  2. I did a handful of these a few years back. Always referred to them as “the Orion”.

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