Orange and Red Ink Eyeball Tattoos

Leaving aside for a moment the safety debate about red tattoo ink, especially in the eyes, reddish eyeball tattoos perhaps push social boundaries even farther than fully black eyes. I’ve noticed that when people see my eyeball tattoos, they almost never recognize them as tattoos, usually assuming it’s some sort of birth defect. As such, I’ve noticed a certain awkwardness in people’s comments, because we’re socially programmed not to look at people’s “deformities”, and even complimenting someone on them is generally frowned upon. I have to admit that it’s sort of funny thinking about what must be going through people’s heads when they see red, orange, or pink eyeball tattoos — it has to be some variant on “oh my god, what horrible injury or infection is this poor bastard suffering from!?!”

Here’s the latest example thereof, Chris’s orange eyeball tattoo done by Pinhead Mark out of Fat Mermaid Tattoo Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Of course when it comes to this theme, the definitive example is Mary Jo’s red eye tattoo, shown here with her partner Jefferson Saint, who has black eye tattoos — I’d wager that black eyes register as special effects scleral contact lenses in most people’s minds. Until eyeball tattoos have a higher public profile, I think people won’t accurately recognize what they’re seeing… which really makes these much more fun!


9 thoughts on “Orange and Red Ink Eyeball Tattoos

  1. I disagree with aka queijo. Jefferson Saint is a very attractive guy. You might not see it that way because you like girls. The two postings say Mary Jo is very cute. There’s a reason a woman like that chose him. His facial modifications and hair compliment his face very well. -No Homo-

  2. Where can I get this done?? I live in the South currently and I am dying to have it!

  3. I’ve been following eye ball tattoos for ages. I find them so interesting, I have noticed that the sclera has a sort of reflective property on the perception of iris colour. Not just a blue eye tattoo makes natural blue eyes look grey, but the warmer colours change the colour of the iris too.
    Being normally white the sclera would have a neutral reflective tone, but other colours would change this. I’m waiting to see more interesting colours and combos.

  4. She just looks like she has a really bad case of conjunctivitis.

    I know people used/still say similar things about facial tattooing BUT eyes are often so beautiful that I don’t think they should be messed with. They’re the windows to the soul and they’re what you stare into when you’re talking to someone. I can’t imagine that I’d ever be able to interact with these people in the same way that I would someone with untattooed eyes – similar to the way that I find it tricky to interact with those who totally cover their face for religious/cult reasons.

    I keep asking the question but I’ve yet to see anyone with these eyes answer it or it be asked in an interview but… given the “new” nature of eyeball tattooing and the possible unknown risks did you make any plans for what may happen in the immediate or long term future should you become totally blind or is that something that you’ll only worry about if/when it happens?

  5. What the actual fuck? This shits just crazy. I’m cool with normal tattoos but you fuckin white kids take it to a completely different level. Holy shit.

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