Metal Nipples

Here’s a good mod for people who really like the way hard nipples look under a tight t-shirt! These nipple microdermals were done by Matt who pierces at Everything & Nothing ( in Carlisle, Cumbria. I asked Matt about the difference between doing a microdermal on normal skin versus nipple tissue, and he filled me in with his experiences,

I found that the tissue that needed to be removed was stuck fast, and needed to be removed with haemostats rather than gently being wiped away with a swab (as with microdermals on the stomach or arm for example). The only thing I can compare it to is the back of the neck — tough and not a lot of room for moving it around once put in place. Insertion was very simple. I had freehand needles ready to place in at angles to help insertion but they were unnecessary. The jewellery slotted straight in and was perfectly flat the first time. They bled more than anywhere I’ve placed them before but not enough to give me reason to worry — it stopped after two minutes or so.

The customer, a forty-six year old body modification enthusiast from Nottingham had wanted these for a long time, but because of his work on the oil rigs hadn’t been able to get it until now. He described the procedure as painful, but on the other hand, the kind of guy that works the rigs doesn’t have a problem dealing with a little pain! Zoom in for a larger look.

metal nipples

6 thoughts on “Metal Nipples

  1. I have wanted this also, but already have my nipples pierced horizontally, at 8g. I saw on the web a T-shaped stainless barbell that has a bar in the center which screws through the tip of the nipple. From what I’ve found so far, it seems that it has to be custom made. One day when I’m so-motivated, I’ll get a quote on it – I wouldn’t mind spending a bit extra on jewelry that I’ve wanted for a long time

  2. It’s really nice. I’m still dreaming about dermal implants inside the navel (I’m more into navel mods than nipples, but it’s nice anyway)

  3. As a male in my 50s, I like this look and may decide on this than a ring. I have suggested to my wife we re do our wedding rings as nipple jewellery but she is not convinced. I have showed he this pic but she remains non fussed about it. Maybe I should just go ahead and get it done but i really wanted her support. I think she would like it if i just went ahead and did it

  4. After the past post, I still still trying to convince my wife to support me in this. We had to compromise and while I n easy not get this done yet, she at least agreed to let me get a ring. So my plan is a ring in one and i will approach a dermal in the other at a future date. My long term ambition is to have one nipple with multiple piercings and the other stretched with a t bar type. She may freak out but she is getting more accepting of my nipple piercing plans

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