The Art of Suspension Fundraiser Shirt


A few short weeks prior to his passing, Shannon had been working on new designs for BMEshop. The Art of Suspension, displaying the various styles of suspensions that have been performed, was the last shirt that he had completed.

Per Shannon’s request, we would like to use this shirt as a fundraiser in order to raise funds for his daughter, Ari Larratt, who lives with her mother, Rachel Larratt.

The shirt has Shannon’s design on the front and printed on the back is the Militia logo In Memoriam of Shannon.


The shirts start at $20 and there is an option to add a donation amount. The final amount of the shirt you select will display on the top next to the name of the shirt as well as on the left of the donation drop down menu on the shop page.

Please note that the shirts will not be able to be printed until after Rachel and Ari return from Canada, which will be around mid April. They will be printed as soon as possible and shipped shortly after that. Thank you.

Click here to purchase this shirt.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Suspension Fundraiser Shirt

  1. Just ordered the T-shirt. I would love love love love love love love *LOVE* to see an A0, or similar sized poster of this selling in your shop too! :)

  2. Hopefully there will be a t-shirt with the calm/Shannon logo on the front?
    In my eyes it truly represents the person that he was…

  3. We will likely release other shirts. This was the last design that Shannon had completed for us so we wanted to get it out there. Perhaps when Rachel gets back from Toronto we can discuss creating a Calm shirt.

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