11 thoughts on “Welcome Summer

  1. “What better way to usher in summer than with a photo of a beautiful girl in a BME shirt?”

    A beatiful girl, /not/ wearing the BME shirt. Just sayin’.

    Maybe a similarly-unattired male for those whose interests go that way, in order to be fair.

  2. Is BME ever going to back on track? Uploading new images into the gallery isn’t much “content”. Some day will a peron navigating to this URL see, “This domain for sale” or a 401 error?

  3. reggie – I have no idea what you mean. BME has always been about the galleries/content on that site. ModBlog was started much later as a body modification blog. But BME is “on track” doing what we’ve always done, publishing photos, videos and stories about body modification. If you’re talking about ModBlog rather than BME, Jordan and Roo have moved on to other things, Rob quit with no notice and Shannon’s passing has left a hole that Shawn and Sean are trying to fill but neither can commit the amount of time that previous authors have committed.

    Anyway… Men, submit some hot photos! With or without a BME shirt on! If you do, you may just find yourself on ModBlog.

  4. “Ask…” seems to have died off. No knowledgable persons to handle the task? ModBlog was more about news. Under Shannon’s helm, it was too much extreme shit, shock value, very little “art”. Now it’s reposts and fluff. Sad really.

  5. Ask relies totally on the volunteering of professionals. There are no reposts on ModBlog. If something has been reposted it is very likely by accident. If Shannon’s posts were too much and you don’t like the content now what content did you like?

    It seems you meant ModBlog in your first post rather than BME. ModBlog has always been about discussing body modification trends and showcasing submissions to BME. That was why it was created.

  6. And just to clarify, I really do want to know what posts you did like. That question wasn’t sarcastic or anything. I figured I’d better say that before I was misread.

  7. Glad you appreciate my ‘fluff’ articles, Reggie. I can tell you personally that the main reason folks don’t write for blogs is that what we write doesn’t get appreciated. I always ask people to comment, let me know that they loved/hated/were indifferent to what I wrote- and most people (maybe less than .5%) take the time to even say “thanks”.

    I think that some people can’t be pleased; apathy and internet trolls are much louder than the folks who truly appreciate what we take the time to put up.

  8. I miss Roo and Paulie… I was thrilled to see Shannon back, I understand things have been very hard to pick up since then.

    I’m kind of glad Rob is gone. There would be some awful pun like, “Who nose this hottie?” and you’d be like, ha ha because she has a septum piercing you substituted the word nose for knows… *shoots self in head*

    @Flint, there have been BME boys in the past. She’s cuter than suicide girls lately, they’ll let anyone in there now. Subculture has become culture and I think that’s the transition we’re dealing with.

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