Getting Your Nails Done

I ran across Pahakaksonen’s nail bed tattoo in the gallery today and it got me thinking that although we’ve talked about nail bed tattoos before I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one where the nail has fully regrown.

Giving directions just got way easier

Giving directions just got way easier

 I would imagine that healing a missing fingernail isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so the fact that more ink didn’t fall out of this is pretty neat. I can clearly tell what it is, and I wonder if it will hold up as well (or better) than a conventional tattoo.

Click through to shed a little more light on the situation.

Get it...a little more light? No? Nothing?

Get it…a little more light? No? Nothing?

4 thoughts on “Getting Your Nails Done

  1. never seen a tattoo there, that’s really neat! though i can’t imagine now much that would hurt.

  2. That seems so painful but so awesome :) hope it stays well for a long time , can’t imagine someone looking forward to getting a touch up done on that place to be honest.

  3. My husband Jason Angst tattooed fellow tattooer Nathan Mould’s fingernail. They didn’t rip off a nail but instead drilled right threw it. You can see a picture on instagram on nathan’s page. @nathanmouldtattoo

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