Getting Your Nails Done

I ran across Pahakaksonen’s nail bed tattoo in the gallery today and it got me thinking that although we’ve talked about nail bed tattoos before I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one where the nail has fully regrown.

Giving directions just got way easier

Giving directions just got way easier

 I would imagine that healing a missing fingernail isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so the fact that more ink didn’t fall out of this is pretty neat. I can clearly tell what it is, and I wonder if it will hold up as well (or better) than a conventional tattoo.

Click through to shed a little more light on the situation.

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Ana’s Permanent Puppets

Speaking of whacky finger gag tattoos, you may remember all these viral pictures of people drawing little cartoon puppet characters on their fingers doing various acts — Ana Laco had Brane Doricic at Inkconnection Tattoo Parlour in Rijeka, Croatia tattoo this finger mugging on her. In addition to laughing, I’m actually quite in awe at how well the tattoo has held — on the left is the tattoo fresh, one hit, and on the right is the tattoo healed. As anyone that’s tattooed their fingertips knows, it is beyond impressive to get this much ink to stay on the first try!!!

John Waters, Eat Your Heart Out

There are very few people that can successfully pull of a pencil ‘stache without attracting the attention of Chris Hanson.  Salvador Dali did it, Raoul Julia was able to do it occasionally, Prince became a sex symbol with his, and of course John Waters has been rocking his for decades.  Now when many of us were kids, especially those of us with dads who had a mustache, a pencil could easily transform into a mustache.  Just stick it under your nose and curl your top lip.  It was the memory of doing that as a kid that led IAM: Ominous Angus to get this finger tattoo.  To him it’s a reminder to never grow too old.

One of these things is not like the other

Sure one of these nails isn’t like the other, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong.  It’s images like this one that I wish I had more to give you guys.  All I can tell you is that it was sent in by Mario Sanchez along with a number of other photos, most of which appear to be done with a single needle.  But back to the photo at hand.  By the looks of it, we’ve got a partial finger amputation that has been tattooed to appear as a normal finger.

This just goes to show you the range in which we get here at ModBlog.  Some weeks we’ll be looking at the cross section of a finger by someone who wants a portion of their body removed, while this week we have someone who has lost a portion of their body and is doing something to make it appear that it is still intact.

In any case, it makes a nice addition to the fingernail modification gallery.

Not ready for marriage?

Previously on ModBlog you’ve seen many different types of marriage related modifications.  From someone proposing during a pull, to matching tattoo wedding bands, the institution of marriage is celebrated in may different ways.

Well what about those who don’t want to get married, or are maybe just not ready to?  Well thanks to BME member Sames, there is now a way to show the world you’re not ready to get married just yet.  From the microdermal gallery comes the “Anti-Wedding Ring”.  A series a microdermals guaranteed to prevent any engagement ring or wedding band from being fully placed on the finger.  Sure, you can get the ring over just the tip, but there’s no way a ring is going to make it to the base of the finger.

"I don't"

How has this guy not been blogged before?

Really, when I came across Dr. Greenthumb’s (literally) green thumb, it blew my mind that this guy hasn’t been on modblog, much less,  not all over the intranet.

His tattoo fits him well, being that he is an amateur herpetologist as well as a Cypress Hill fan. It also helps to gives him one of the most legit IAM names ever.

I  had to ask the obvious, yet obnoxious, question we are all way too familiar with; “Did that hurt?” to which he responded:

It was a rather painful area to get tattooed. Especially around the cuticle is not pleasant. As of now I have only gotten the color to stay on top with a few blotches on the pad. I am determined to continue tattooing it until it is solid all the way around, then I’m going to tattoo roots and go from there.


For a close up shot of Dr. Greenthumb’s green thumb, keep on keeping on.

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