Joke’s On Me!

Normally my piercer mind would group these self done permanent piercings on Stormchaser into the “That’ll never heal” category. I am however frequently surprised at the things folks can keep long term. These are all seven years old! If you’ve never heard the term “Permanent Piercing” take a look at the BME Wiki page for it.
permpierceClick through to see the placement of these permanent piercings!

Surprise! Its not genitals! Threw you a curve ball this time.

permpierce2 permpierce3

4 thoughts on “Joke’s On Me!

  1. huh, i remember seeing these but never figured out how they worked, i really like them though!

  2. Interesting! Are the chains silver? Is that we are seeing a slight discoloration of the skin around the exits of the fistulas?

  3. Particularly the ones showed here (navel, sternum) are well healed, the nipple/aureola migrated somewhat, but are stable, so the right shoulder.

    That was sadly not so ture for my poor biceps piercings, which I had to give up sadly, after many years there were infections, and problems with drainage – the main risc with long piercings, and particularly chains (all the short ones did better).
    Even “permanent” may change from time to time, it was surprisingly easy to change the vertical nipple/aureola chains to large surface bars. That allows more playing, and the same for the left shoulder, giving a nice contrast now to the chain in the right one.
    That change would neither be possible with the navel, nor sternum (the one with the macro) nor genital chain at all.

    With all my surface piercings (chains and bars) I definitely see a correlation “length” equals risc, while “diameter” counteracts it. I think a guess might be: “rather stable healing when 1cm length equals 1mm diameter.” And: rather deep is stable, shallow is a risc for movement or rejection”.

  4. Oh sorry… forgot, the pierced chains (and so the purley implanted ones, see the navel-pic above the navel-piercing) are made of silver, staining the skin. For the implants that is quite a desired effect, but I got it less evenly than planned, as the depth of the implanted chains varies.

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