Ear Pointing By Implant

Now I may have just been slacking on my ear pointing updates, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen ear pointing done this way before (feel free to post in the comments if you have and I’ll update!).
earpointI have never personally performed ear pointing but this looks like its much less invasive (albeit a bit less extreme looking) than conventional means. I don’t have much background on this photo, if anyone can shed a little light in the comments by all means do so!

9 thoughts on “Ear Pointing By Implant

  1. Hmm, looks like it would scar less, too. A possibly good compromise for darker-skinned folks, as I’ve read that they are more likely to develop keloid-scarring. I wonder if a customer can request changes in the shape the artist uses and possibly make the points more obvious? And what material s/he’s using? I also wonder what they charge to do this and where they’re located. :-)

  2. great!! I’ve always thincking that ear pointing look too “short”, yours loock so cooll!! congrats!!

  3. I’d love more info on this. I’m going to do this version of ear pointing :3

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