Modified Music Monday!

Ran across Only Flesh the other day. They are a band local to me (Pittsburgh,PA) that really puts body modification at the forefront. The video features a ton of suspension/ pull stuff and the singer is heavily modified. Its nice to see bands going the distance to put on an unforgettable show and a unique aesthetic.

From the lead singer Revina Lower
“Only Flesh the sleazy rock n roll band with a nasty habit of hanging from hooks is back with a brand new video fr “crucivixen” off of their last release “…from the gutter to the grave” on Rotten Records. directed by Screaming Butterfly it contains all the thing youve come to expect from the glam trash hellions.. babes, blood, and… well what else is there? catch their disease at

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Modified Music Monday!

  1. cheap wordplay, cheap musical prowess, lame attitude, complete lack of message or idea, shit music. waste of time. so, do you think if you do suspensions and have piercings/tattoos you’re THAT cool/talented/whatever? lol

    ps. for “haters”: henry rollins is the “above”. gfy

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