Heavy Scars Over Heavy Black

Can’t thank chasethebeard enough for submitting this! I’m always a fan of scars over black but this really looks amazing!

black scarification

Artist Credit Chase Suarez

This seems to be a cover up, and a hell of a way to cover something in my opinion! Solid black over existing tattoos sometimes will leave you with a “ghost” of the covered tattoo where you can see the lines underneath. The scars here really do wonders to break up an outline!

7 thoughts on “Heavy Scars Over Heavy Black

  1. I would love to see the scar fresh! It looks like it healed pretty evenly. Was the center circle cut more boldly/wider, or did it just heal that way?

  2. This is gorgeous! I’ve never considered scarification for myself, but the ideas are rolling now! Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece :)

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