Let’s Help Out Our Buds!

So here is the scoop! We have three of our OG BME folks, Sean Philips, Rianne Philips and Jareb Foosh along with two others have entered into a 12 week long weight loss challenge.

Here at BME we love to see modified folks succeed and being that losing weight is potentially one of the most noticeable and physically demanding modifications you can make…lets help them out!


Also, they may be on fire.

Their very first mini-chalenge is to get the most votes on their picture, team name and biography. Please help them out by voting! The voting system uses your Facebook account to verify who you are and make sure you aren’t voting more than once. Their team name is “Unrepentant Thinners” and you can vote for them by following this link.

One thought on “Let’s Help Out Our Buds!

  1. My brother is Jareb Foosh (Berry) I have been trying to find him for a while since we lost contact years ago I really need to talk to him any help in this would be greatly appreciated my email is [email protected] please message me the last place I know he was living was Pawtucket RI

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