ModBlog News of the Week: March 13, 2015

Here is your news roundup for March 13, 2015:

* Restaurant refuses service to man with facial tattoos
* Body Modification Artist Steve Haworth inspires Bristol animal lover to turn into “parrot man”
* Biohackers and body modification
* Utah House OKs bill banning tattoos on children under 14, requires permission for older teens

In celebrity news…

* This Woman Has Rihanna Tattoos All Over Her Body
* Kanye West Tattoos ‘So Help Me God’ Artwork on Arm during Paris Fashion Week

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9 thoughts on “ModBlog News of the Week: March 13, 2015

  1. Hate to break it to you but we’ve been covering it for years. It’s part of the news roundup. We haven’t done the news roundup in a long time but I thought I’d bring it back. I’m sorry if something we’ve done for years makes you sad.

    January 2010.

    And for good measure:

    June 2007.

    I may lay it out differently but it’s been covered since it was Shannon writing it.

  2. Glad to see something new on modblog. Hope you can find the time to write more often! Ignore the haters, always going to be someone who has to complain.

  3. I love that you deleted my comment, surely you’ve had harsher criticism over the years? It’s a bit sad that you would just remove it rather than face your decline in popularity.

  4. Amy J – I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nothing was deleted. Maybe you had a comment go to the spam filter? I certainly didn’t delete it.

    lovehatesyou – Thanks. It’s frustrating that nothing is good enough for some people and it’s a big reason why people stop writing for ModBlog. It’s even more frustrating when people tell us we are ruining the site by doing things we’ve been doing all along. :/

  5. @amyj These comments are being moderated in ways they never were before. it’s depressing. It used to be okay to post a comment that was in disagreement as long as it was respectable. the value system of this site has changed.

  6. Sorry it hasn’t. The only time I don’t allow comments through is when they are racist or attacking the person in the photo posted, for example someone saying “what an ugly, fat bitch” is just not something I am going to allow and I won’t apologize for that either. I also won’t apologize for not allowing comments that are only “You guys fucking suck”. But as far as Amy goes, I did not delete anything. I still allow comments through that are disagreeing as you can see above. If I were deleting your comments why would I let these ones through?

    Sometimes things get caught in the spam filters and then people like to make up stories. But you know what? People coming here and adding nothing constructive and just saying “you suck” is exactly why we have no current authors writing for ModBlog. It wears thin and then people figure, why bother, people are going to say anything I add sucks so I’m just wasting my time. Frankly, I’m regretting trying to bring back the newsfeed at this point.

  7. @jen I saw w/ my own two eyes my partner’s comments not get posted. They weren’t insulting anyone in any way but they were questioning the content on modblog. I/they would never tell you ” you suck” or whatever, or be in any way racist or sexist, but Modblog had a really great tradition of posting really great stuff at one point and then things just cascaded into another place that we don’t understand. i don’t know what kind of incentives you offer for Modblog writers but maybe that’s the problem?
    What is BME’s social media set up? Maybe that’s an issue to, in terms of attracting more writers? I don’t know, just an idea.

    I think you have to be a bit more open,thick skinned,unbiased and welcoming to critique.
    You are totally appreciated, no one is asking you to stop, we are just asking for the standards that made this space so inspiring in the 1st place. This is a counterculture and I really hope it always remains that way no matter how many tattoos or piercings pop starlets get. Right now we are bombarded with that kind of stuff on other sites and it’s just really nice to come here and check in with what’s real. thanks.

  8. Yeah I’m not arguing your partner didn’t write a post but I was accused of deleting it and I did not. That is the part I’m “arguing”. I didn’t say you wrote anything offensive, I said that’s the only time I actually delete comments. You and your g/f can say I deleted them or that they’re being moderated in ways they weren’t before if you’d like but the reality is, they aren’t and I didn’t. I’m sorry if it got caught in the spam filters but logically, if I were deleting comments, I would not allow any of the rest of your comments through either.

    As far as what BME posts, I have been working for BME since 2001 and been involved with the site since 1999. BME’s mandate has always been to document the history of body modification. If you don’t want to read the celebrity stuff, ignore it but it’s part of what we do and always has been.

    The incentives for ModBlog authors are as follows: Everyone sees what you write. You will be attacked in pretty much every post. People will tell you that you suck daily. Shannon wasn’t even an exception, he got attacked all the time but Shannon liked to argue with people and I don’t. I never said I was going to add the same type of content that Shannon did, I was attempting to bring back the newsfeed which is a collection of news stories around the world and that includes celebrity news. That’s all. I thought it would be a good thing, for a start, to have the newsfeed going again. I have no issues with valid criticism and if I didn’t have a thick skin I wouldn’t still be working at BME. I only responded because I didn’t want a misconception perpetuated. These things steamroll because the people that come here to say we suck see them and jump on the bandwagon and lies start getting spread. I’m not talking about you or your g/f. I’m talking about other people using the misconceptions to spread lies.

    Anyway, there probably won’t be a newsfeed this week. I was extremely sick over the long weekend. I’ll decide whether or not I’ll continue trying to keep the newsfeed going this weekend I guess…

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