ModBlog News of the Week: April 10, 2015


I didn’t think I’d manage to get this up this week because I’ve been really sick but here is your news roundup for April 10, 2015:

* Army Relaxes Its Policy on Soldiers’ Tattoos
* Should medicine take over tattoo removal?
* Tamil ritual of body piercing in Deli Serdang
* Polytech seniors bring attention to the dangers of body piercings
* British man laughs off mate tattooing his back while passed out drunk

In celebrity news…

* Demi Lovato Replaces “Vagina Tattoo” With Giant Rose
* Imran Khan gets his daughter’s footsteps tattooed

If you read any news stories relating to body modification please do send them in. It’s hard to find everything that’s out there on my own and it seems like celebrity news dominates and while BME has always covered body modification in all its forms, including celebrity news, it would be nice to have some regular news stories to share as well.

Submit news stories.

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