Happy Friday – Photo of the Day

Enjoy your weekend folks.  Sending you off is a submission from LeoDeFeo.  No information was provided about artists but we can just enjoy the view, can’t we?BME

I’m trying something new.  I’m calling it Photo of the Day.  I’m going to pick 1 photo from the BME submissions and highlight it here on ModBlog as the photo of the day.  This is not something I’m going to do every day and how often I do it is really going to depend on the quality of the photos submitted.  Please note that I said quality of the photo.  Think back to the old BME covers, if you’ve been around as long as I have, and you’ll probably get my meaning.  If I post your photo as the photo of the day I will reward you with extra BME access!  You can still submit to BME anonymously.  If you do that and your photo is featured just email me, [email protected], and let me know that was you and I’ll go in and credit your account.  The more information you provide with your submissions the better!   Allons-y!


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