Isobel Varley 1937-2015

It is with sadness that we share the news that Isobel Varley has passed away. Our thoughts are with Isobel’s family and friends.


The following was taken from her official Facebook page:

It is with deep sorrow that we must announce the passing of Isobel.

Shortly before 7 this morning Isobel passed peacefully onto her next adventure.

The Varley family would like to express their thanks to everyone for their support, their friendship and kind words expressed to, and about, Isobel and her numerous achievements during her time.

We would like to invite everyone to share their experiences and photographs with her on here as a tribute.

Heaven has a gained a new Angel.

10 thoughts on “Isobel Varley 1937-2015

  1. omg. this made me cry. im so sorry to hear about what happened to ysobel. i just recently cjat with her via facebook a cuople of weeks ago. i really cant help myself but cry.
    you will always be a legend miss ysobel. thank you for inspiring me with your kindness. you will never be forgotten. we love you.

  2. Such a loss, I met Isobel at Dunstable tattoo convention back in the day .Rest in peace she was an inspiration .

  3. So sad. I was just archiving video of her being pierced by Patrick Bartholomew the other day and was going to message her and ask if she had anything to add to the article. 🙁

  4. Isobel was a dear friend of mine and she attended my charity events I organised and put on she was a terrific person and full of love and also a great attraction.
    I am sad to hear this news.
    fellow record holder john Evans

  5. Oh! this is sad news, I interviewed her in 2008 and she was a gem, I am sending my condolences so late, RIP. World will always remember you.

    After an year I am checking Modblog but it is always a good place to update yourself about this world of body art!

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