Love Hurts

Yep.  Love hurts.  Either you’ve been heartbroken in the past, or are lonely today, or possibly you forgot to get a gift for that special someone and now you’re left hurting.  Sometimes it’s hard to describe the pain, but I think this photo from our hard galleries sums it up nicely.

You know what it is.  And if you don’t, all you’ll have to do is keep on reading to see.

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No hooks needed …

If you have the balls for it … you don’t need hooks to suspend ;-)

Lassi suspending @ BMXnet Conference 2010

Lassi became a regular at BMXnet Show Nights (see more pictures from 2010 Conference) – every year he suprises everybody with his total craziness … we all thought that the legendary “PA Rip-Out by Donation Bucket” and his “Guiche Suspension” could not be excelled by anything … well we all have been proven wrong (again) this year … click for more if you have the balls …

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