BMEfest 2008

Save the date — BMEfest is back! We’re thrilled to announce a three-day extravaganza, running from June 27-29, starting with an exclusive Friday night party at one of Toronto’s finest nightclubs, the exact location of which will be announced as soon as humanly possible.

You heard it right, friends. Gas up the jet, plug in the electric car, grease up the wheels on your little red wagon, start doing thumb stretches and reread The Hitchhiker’s Guide … whatever it takes to get your collective asses to Toronto for BME’s annual BMEfest.

Now, we hear you asking, “Well, that’s fine and good, but what does a BME party at a nightclub have to offer that a night drinking dandelion whiskey with my cousin Mose and playing Warhammer doesn’t?” And to that we say, nothing … unless you happen to be a fan of awesome music, VIP access (because who stands in lines anymore?) and dancing your ass off with a few hundred of your closest friends — not to mention a few surprises we don’t want to spoil quite yet.

Vague? Maybe a little. But check this page often, as we’ll be announcing more and more details frequently. Until then, shine your shoes, buy a silver shirt and prepare for June 27, 2008! The war is over — tonight, we dance!