Yann’s New Ears

Yann Brënyàk of Body Temple in London (londonbodytemple.com), already heavily modified with abstract and artistic blackwork tattooing, has undertaken a project to complete and transform his body, with a great deal of work planned. One of the most recent additions is tattooing on his ears by shopmate Made Max, who has decorated them with a combination of black lines and dotwork, as well as text in white. Follow his transformation at facebook.com/BodyIllusion.

PS. For a full shot of Yann, don’t miss the suspension wallpaper posted in August.

Noor One vs Jay Read

I like this portrait that Noor One (noorone.com) shot of Jilted Royalty’s Jay Read (jrworld.co.uk). It’s in part the photo and the lighting, but I love how his black ear (it really is tattooed solid black in real life) looks like a piece of slick glossy plastic, as if he’s some surreal tattooed mannequin! Click to see a large uncropped version of the photo (which might make you a nice desktop wallpaper).

Tattooed Ear Rim Stripes

I saw a great ear rim tattoo today by Delphine Noiztoy of Divine Canvas (divine-canvas.com) that seemed very reminiscent of the sweet triangular ear rim tattoo by Su at Buena Vista Tattoo Club. Besides the basic design, the other difference is that Delphine’s piece is done using dotwork technique rather than a normal flat tattoo fill. I have no idea which of these two pieces I prefer, but if I was the client on this piece, I think I might consider pulling the patter further along the top of the rim.


Speaking of the blackmasters at Divine Canvas I also wanted to quickly include this “NEKRO” text palm tattoo by Matt “One Hit” Black. Remarkably, this is a fully healed tattoo that has never been touched up. Not a simple achievement.