Dustin’s Pussy Finger

It’s fresh in the large photo, but Dustin’s tail-wagging black cat finger tattoo was done for him by Sean Holmes at Altered Image in Indianapolis about a year ago. The animated version is how it looks now and in motion. Admittedly, it doesn’t make a very convincing mustache, but I’m sure the pose leads to many vaguely inappropriate jokes about sniffing the pussy on his finger.

pussyfinger pussyfinger pussyfinger pussyfinger


Ana’s Permanent Puppets

Speaking of whacky finger gag tattoos, you may remember all these viral pictures of people drawing little cartoon puppet characters on their fingers doing various acts — Ana Laco had Brane Doricic at Inkconnection Tattoo Parlour in Rijeka, Croatia tattoo this finger mugging on her. In addition to laughing, I’m actually quite in awe at how well the tattoo has held — on the left is the tattoo fresh, one hit, and on the right is the tattoo healed. As anyone that’s tattooed their fingertips knows, it is beyond impressive to get this much ink to stay on the first try!!!