Calmly Skewering

I’ve come across some really fantastic photographs this week and couldn’t help sharing them with all of you! Below is a photo of my buddy “J” skewering his cheek. His expression here really gets me as it really blurs the line between elation (“Yes! Its through!”) and pain (“Ahh, Its through!”). He performs with Carnivalesque in Charleston, South Carolina so if you’re in the neighborhood go check him out!


Photo Credit-William Long

Modified Music Monday!

Ran across Only Flesh the other day. They are a band local to me (Pittsburgh,PA) that really puts body modification at the forefront. The video features a ton of suspension/ pull stuff and the singer is heavily modified. Its nice to see bands going the distance to put on an unforgettable show and a unique aesthetic.

From the lead singer Revina Lower
“Only Flesh the sleazy rock n roll band with a nasty habit of hanging from hooks is back with a brand new video fr “crucivixen” off of their last release “…from the gutter to the grave” on Rotten Records. directed by Screaming Butterfly it contains all the thing youve come to expect from the glam trash hellions.. babes, blood, and… well what else is there? catch their disease at

Check it out!

Pain Solution US Tour

Håvve Fjell and Pain Solution are back in the United States soon, touring with The Sqidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, and perhaps most excitingly wrapping up their tour in Dallas for the suscon with a performance with Stelarc (generally considered one of the grandfathers of modern suspension, along with Fakir Musafar). Jump to the website for up-to-date tour info, but here’s what’s been announced:

To get an idea of what Pain Solution‘s shows are like, check out these videos:

And as to the show with Stelarc, I’m not sure what they have planned for Dallas, but here’s what they did in Oslo last year. This is not something you want to miss — it’s one of those “once in a lifetime” events that will change the way you look at suspension. Any performer or practitioner able to make it to Dallas should do everything they can to make it!

Awakening of Gods

A great but slightly strange suspension poster from St. Petersburg’s Arseniy Andersson of Total Ink. This shot pays homage to their latest show, “Breathe of Apocalypse: Awakening of Gods”, at Arktika Club on the 22nd of September, a short performance piece about ancient Aztec cultural events, dedicated to the Goddess of the Moon. Click the photo to blow it up to desktop wallpaper size, or watch the video below to enjoy the show (you won’t regret putting aside the time, and they’ve uploaded it at 1080p so you can watch it on your bigscreen).

Flying High

The #Leeds Airlines team from St. Petersburg, Russia is best known for their theatrics.  Almost all of their suspensions are part of a photoshoot or performance piece, and this one is no different.  This crucifix suspension was part of a performance with Prelyudia Evi, which I’m guessing is the name of the band that you can see in some of the photos.

There’s more to see, so keep on reading.

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A Piercing Performance – Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, Dimitri from MTL Tattoo put together a number of piercing performance pieces.  The first involved a woman covered in piercings, with string holding her in place.  This next one involves a number of corsets, which he uses to create the illusion of lingerie.

To see how the corsets are arranged, you’ll have to keep on reading.

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A Piercing Performance – Part 1

We get photos of performance art pieces all the time.  Sometimes it’s suspension related, and other times it involves piercings.  This one in particular is like nothing I’ve seen before, and it involves a lot of piercings.

There’s more to show you, but the rest don’t have any strategically placed arms, so you’ll have to keep reading to see them.

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Crucified in chains

It what appears to be a part of a suspension performance, the Abyss Crew from Russia creates a fantastic looking crucifixion suspension.  The first photo in particular is striking as you can almost see the cross that he’s nailed to.  The second photo, while not possessing the religious weight of the first, does show a better view of the placement of the hooks.

The Devil’s Tightrope – Part 2

I know it was just yesterday when we saw the 4 person devil’s tightrope pull, but when I saw these photos in the Mercury Suspension Team’s gallery I knew I had to share them.

These photos were taken backstage after the show, and is made up of a 2 person pull featuring Bradde with the hat, and 2 others (I’m sure Benolyn will post in the comments their names so I can give them credit).  Now in the first photo everything is going great, and you can see Bradde is definitely feeling the pull.  In the second photo, well, that’s the face of someone who just realized the person on the tightrope just fell onto it.

They also give you a much better look at just how intense this stunt is, which means it’s something you probably shouldn’t do unless you know exactly what you’re doing.