BME Risk Update: Parenting and Stretching

The BME Risk section on BME is an invaluable source of information pertaining to the risk associated with various body mods. However, like all of the BME Wiki features, it is in need of some updating, and that is something any BME member can sign on and do.

Perhaps then, I should write an entry on the dangers of parenting and having body mods. As you can plainly see here, my 10 month old son, Sylas, has no problem yanking on my stretched lobes with all of his might.  He also likes grabbing the microdermal on my face, biting the subdermal on my hand and clawing at the already angry transdermals in my head.

So remember modbloggers, the pull out method only works if you actually pull out and kids are awesome, but they can be hell on body mods.