BME Risk Update: Parenting and Stretching

The BME Risk section on BME is an invaluable source of information pertaining to the risk associated with various body mods. However, like all of the BME Wiki features, it is in need of some updating, and that is something any BME member can sign on and do.

Perhaps then, I should write an entry on the dangers of parenting and having body mods. As you can plainly see here, my 10 month old son, Sylas, has no problem yanking on my stretched lobes with all of his might.  He also likes grabbing the microdermal on my face, biting the subdermal on my hand and clawing at the already angry transdermals in my head.

So remember modbloggers, the pull out method only works if you actually pull out and kids are awesome, but they can be hell on body mods.


23 thoughts on “BME Risk Update: Parenting and Stretching

  1. “Perhaps then, I should write an entry on the dangers of parenting and having body mods.”
    I am not quite understanding the reason for this post.
    Writing on the dangers for to-be or would-be parents?
    Obviously, those with mods and children already are aware of the dangers.
    Yes, my son grabbed my lobes when we was smaller, but now, at about 3 years old, he is quite respectful of such things. I also believe that having modified parents will prepare him for the multitude of cultural and subcultural expressions that he will encounter in his lifetime. I personally would have liked to see a post along those lines, maybe it has already been done?
    …I honestly thought by the title of the post it would have been on the topic of while helping kids not blow out their ears or nostrils.

    That is really a cute pic though!!!

  2. @futuremyth i think you missed the entire point of the post. it seems much mroe humorous…. maybe take a chill pill?

    is bmewiki down for anyone else besides me? i was trying to update a movie page and it wont load

  3. The pull out method works great if you don’t care if your partner gets pregnant.

  4. It was definatly fluke, but the VERY first day my son was born, his pinky went through my septum ring! other than that hes been good!

  5. The first thing my nephew does when i pick him up is to pull my glasses off my face and then try and steal my plugs. He then pokes his fingers thru my lobes and goes “ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” – its so funny

  6. Owwwwwww my god that looks painful…wait why am i saying LOOKS painful…I know it hurts…my son does it to me..he even grabbed my lip rings an pulled them in opposite directions, and quite often stands on my chest right ON my nipple bars…

    but I do agree exposing young children to body mods especially heavy mods helps educate an remove hopefully any stigma later in life even if they choose to not follow their crazy parents :p

  7. i know one guy who told that when he was kid he ripped out his brothers nipple ring

  8. this is a funny pic… also makes me a little nervous, i keep picturing a split ear lobe lol

    @future myths…..get a sense of humor

  9. The pull out method does not always work. I know a few people that will verify this.

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