Small, personal tattoo stories.

“thereisreason” (done in medium condensed Helvetica Neue)
Done at Edodus Tattoo in East Windsor, CT

At the end of senior year highschool I fell in love with a girl who wasdating a friend. He was very abusive physically and mentally, and I kindof took care of her and ended up dating her, only to find she wasunmedicated bipolar… lots of crazy stuff happened and it ended with herbeing forced by her parents to put a restraining order on me and my senioryear and summer went to hell as a result.

I then went to college as a design student taking alot of fine arts courses, over four hundredmiles away from home to get away. A lot of my work has reflected my past andresulted in kind of a refusal of typical design… From that I fell inlove with a girl in my freshman year in college and have dated for three years. I came to the conclusion that eveything which hadhappened had a reason, and no matter what happened it happened for areason — it became my design motto— everything I’ve done has had a reason even though it may not havebeen apparent at the time.

Everything I’ve done since hascome of this, and it’s pushed me to change and better my life — my motto has become thereisreason —and my website is

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“My best friend and I at my wedding”

When we had it written for us, we thought it said “friendship is everlasting”, but when we asked Dita, she told us it says “friendship is good”… It still gets the meaning across, and this is one of my favorite pictures.

8 thoughts on “Small, personal tattoo stories.

  1. actually, it means ‘ really good friends’, the first word meaning friendship or friends and the second meaning good. put both together and you get ‘good friends’. haha. i was looking through all the past tattoo posts and came across this one. the picture is really sweet 🙂

  2. It approximates frind is good but for some reason people think that hanzi are symbols rather than words. They still have a grammar.

  3. Sorry double post…”good friends” would be hao3 peng2 you3 or hao3 you3, NOT you2 hao3 – unless you’re going for Jap in which case I have no idea. So you can read the tattoo backwards (modern Chinese is mostly written left-to-right like Western languages), or read as you3 hao3, meaning “friendly”, so still not too bad.

    I can’t type Chinese on this computer so here’re links to the words:

  4. awwww, I love the picture of the wedding. They look so cute, almost like little girls. But best friends are always little girls/boys when they’re together, no matter how old they get!

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