Piercings are teh sexy

Congratulations to Danny from Wakantanka here in Mexico (so far the only APP studio in the nation) for having one of his customers (and piercings) featured in PLAYBOY magazine this month. Here’s one of the photos (click for an uncensored version); pick up the (Mexican edition of the) magazine for the rest.

If you’re ever in Mexico City, Danny’s studio is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a safe and experienced place to get work done.

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3 thoughts on “Piercings are teh sexy

  1. Bitches make the world go around & around fuck they get my head spinning..Thanks Lord..btw where are all the …fatt ass black bitches on this site? ~_0

  2. My mon read my posting and i got in trouble ….what I really meant to say was that there some mighty fine women floating around this site and where is that fine big black booty ~_0 doh sorry ma “_+ Ill be at the ft leuderdale tattoo convention today so ill put my vibe out there 4u ~_0

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