6 thoughts on “Church — not just for plainskins anymore!

  1. i once recieve a flier with a picture of christ on the cross and a little caption that read something along the lines of “Of course we accept pierced people into our church.”

  2. i’d love to speak to the person who came up with this. its good to see someone pushing for acceptance of people from all walks of life, with all different tastes. god is for everyone, not just those who keep themselves as they were born…god gave us these creative minds and we have used them!

  3. There’s a bumper sticker I’ve seen a few times with a picture of three nails and the words, “body piercing saved my life”.

    I also like the term “plainskins”. Cute.

  4. my dad is a preacher and i have my belly button pierced and abouttoget my nose pierced.. and my brother has a tattoo! and im so glad that there is more people actually standing up and saying there is nothing wrong with piercings and tattoos… as long as your in church and doing right i dont see why people should care!

  5. It saddens me that there are ‘preachers’, etc that frown upon and pre-judge people that have tattoos and piercings. Many will use the ol’ Leviticus 19:28 verse to say the Lord prohibits tattoos. What these ignorant ‘folk’ don’t read is that in the very same chapter, the Lord says to not wear clothes made out of two different types of material (19:19). So what do those same people say about wearing polyester?

    Look…Jesus, the Lord God, gave us a New Testament…He fulfilled those Levitical laws. And nowhere in the NT does He say you can’t get tattoos and piercings. Besides…being free from tattoos, etc does NOT save you! It is believing in Jesus as the Lord God and in His Resurrection that saves you! (Romans 10:9).

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