Don’t blink if you want to be beautiful

I think by now most people have seen pictures of Jocyelyne Wildenstein, who used extreme cosmetic surgery to transform herself into a cat (sort of) in a failed attempt to win back the love of her billionaire husband. Well, last night Entertainment Tonight featured a new male champion of bizarre plastic surgery, Steve Erhardt, who has spent $250,000 to look more like a Ken Doll. He’s even the first recipient of bicep implants (well, not including Jesse Jarrell that is; he’s had custom muscle-wrapping implants for some time). Click the pictures below to skip to his story and see some video.

However, unlike Jocelyn who transformed herself to seek someone else’s approval, Steve claims that this is a personal decision and it’s making him happy — if that’s really the case (rather than an excuse), more power to him, and screw anyone who denounces him for these decisions.

And yes, he did go to the same doctor as Michael Jackson. Why do you ask?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t blink if you want to be beautiful

  1. awesome for him, like you say, if he really IS doing it for his own reasons…

    that other broad though.
    jesus christ every time i see her i seriously get sick to my stomach

    i cant handle looking at her. i know that is mean but
    a. she wanted to look like a cat [??????]
    b. to win back some billionaire
    c. thats lame

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