Like the shirt says: Chicks dig scars!

I think outsiders to body modification probably assume that scarification is a very masculine and “tough” or “brutal” artform, which is ironic given that in a historic context it often serves as a feminine form of expression. In any case, it’s come of age to the point here in the West that we’re able to see it fill that role. I wanted to show two pieces from Shawn Porter‘s ScarWars. The piece on the left is by IAM:vampy on IAM:square, and the piece on the right is a “scar fusion” piece by Brian and Jesse Villemaire on IAM:amnesiac. Both are between two and three months old in these pictures.

ScarWars II is tentatively scheduled for February 2006 in Los Angeles (but don’t quote me on that). Keep an eye on the SW website for more info.

Oh, and it seems like Something Aweful’s Fashion SWAT today decided to tackle tattoos. If you’re a fan of their Cliff Yablonski writing, well, this is a whole lot friendlier but in the same vein. Enjoy or don’t. Lucky they don’t know about the tattoo pictured below.

Sorry about that, I had to correct the gender imbalance in this entry.

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