Tattoo commentary

Tattoos are — when they’re done right, in my opinion — an integral part of people’s lives, and have a meaning that’s tied to their self-chosen destiny.

[This is] a tattoo in the honor of an album I heard a few years ago, called "The Ugly Organ." I took the album art, in this case, the jagged piano design, and pretty much photocopied it. The design credits go to Cursive. The album changed the way I heard music, and more importantly, changed the way I write music.

I now run a record label, play in several bands and just released my tenth album. None of this would have been possible if I hadn't had heard "The Ugly Organ." The combination of dischord and cacophony along with melody and tender moments struck me in a special way. The lyrics, predominantly about the paradox that successful writers constantly must seek out pain in order to write about to continue to be successful writers, was a concept that I had been battling myself before I had heard the album.

I devoted about 14 inches of my chest to this album, this work of art. It took about 5 hours, with four breaks, and the Subway I ate afterwards was the best in my life, if for no reason than I was no longer being tattooed across my chest. Those with chest work understand the pain, I'm sure. But, It was totally worth it. Tattooed by Matt at Evolved.

- Evan

2 thoughts on “Tattoo commentary

  1. LOl what a fucking joke. I thought he was a losser 4 taking off the bottum half to begin with. He falls into the catagtory of just about most u motherfuckers hair 2 me except maybe Mr. cOOl Ice,The Red Dwarf and lets not forget Darlene ,,,

  2. David Clinger admits to being off his face on coke when he got the face tattoo done. If someone feels a tattoo is an integral (essential or necessary for completeness) part of a persons life they should get there head checked. Seriously get some help, mental illness is not something to be ashamed off.

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