Blair at Pure

It’s my old friend Blair‘s birthday and he’s decided to take a week or two off of busy life in Toronto and relax in the slow moving city of New York, New York. While he’s there, he’ll be doing some guest work at Brian‘s PURE Body Arts in Brooklyn.

If you don’t already know his name, Blair is not only a generally talented body piercer, scarification, and body modification practitioner, but he’s also one of the best traditional strike branding artists in the world with about a decade of experience in the medium… So if you’re in NYC and strike branding is something you’ve been looking fore, considering contacting him. He’s only there for the next week or so!

You can see some more of his work at his website,

One thought on “Blair at Pure

  1. i think that some of the work is very beautiful works of art but some i mean if you gonna have work like that done you got it for life and there so not art id say you would regret them, some are not worth having but wow some of them are real beautiful keep up the gud work and some of you keep well away from sum of the artist s unless you have actually seen sum of there work 😀 all in all brilliant work 😀 and every one to there own

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