It’s like an anatomy lesson

Most of the time genital bisections have enough scarring and inaccurate cutting to hide the original underlying anatomy, but sometimes I see split penises that are so cleanly done that they might as well be part of an anatomy text. In the one below you can see exactly where the urethra once was, as well as all of the internal functional elements. Click the picture to unpixelate it.

13 thoughts on “It’s like an anatomy lesson

  1. crazy and exciting, but had you cutted in too large stepps? or the whole cut at once – i think, because the new skin is very shrinked – it looks so?
    my two halfcocks (splitted until the half of cockshaft) are staying longer and fine straight. It looks good and is good for my wife and the milking they by myself!
    When i see it, i will soon cut my ballsac in two halfs also, with it each egg is seperated and allowed to swing free, however i had myballsac shorted as an young boy. This makes it more difficult now for splitting and swinning.
    Thanks for such pictures!

  2. *Yikes X’s 2 while it is a claen looking job frick ..frick,,,frick once again frick im just gladd that this sort of thing dosnt cross my mind to do …Is it done plain str8 up cold and just cut or are they given somthin to numb the area??

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  5. My understanding is that the main nerve is running along the dorsal centerline of the penis. What happens to feelings in the penis when it is split like this?

  6. What is the point of this? Now what is your penis good for? I have had enough trauma to this part of my body. I wish that I did not have any problems with my penis and scrotum. However due to an infection after a normal vasectomy, I ended up with Fournier’s gangrene. It cost me my left testicle and all the contents of the left hemi-scrotum. Currently I have a fistula between my prostate and rectum which will need to be repaired.
    I cannot understand as to why someone would like to do this to a normal functioning penis, as I’m sure was the case at one time.
    I have not been able to have normal access to my penis since I have had a catheter in for close to 6 months now. I most likely will have another 3 months to go untill my surgery. As a result of the surgery I might need to have a colostomy as well.
    I wish that I did not have all these problems and I would never be able to understand as to why a person would want to do this to themselves.
    I’m sure that you can no longer urinate the way that males were meant to. Intercourse would also be tricky I think.

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