So, you pee like a girl?

“Rob” has an interesting take on a urethral reroute that I haven’t quite seen before, which is located at the base of the penis. The procedure was performed by Mac “Doctor-Evil” Mccarthy. I recently had a chat with “Rob” to discuss the process he went through, and why he decided to get such a modification. Continue reading after the break for more (NSFW!).

Originally he wanted a placement I would consider to be more common for a reroute, behind the testicles and scrotum exiting through the perineum, but the artist suggested a slightly higher placement so healing would be easier, and it would be easier to flush out the area of the urethra that would no longer be in use. After a great deal of thought inspired by his relationship at the time and mishaps sitting down to use the washroom, he felt this modification was perfect for him.

“Now the one thing that I totally admire about the guy who was about to work on me, was his attention to detail. The meticulous detail that he went through, to make sure everything was in the right place and ready, was fascinating to watch. It filled me with confidence and put my mind at rest.”

The incision itself was cut and sutured with the help of a sound placed in the urethra during the procedure. “Rob” says he could feel every cut more and more as the artist went deeper. The healing process was pretty uneventful and trouble-free, after a couple stitches pulling through the first night. After a number of months, he decided to start wearing jewellery through the incision and the unused part of the urethra. He says it feels great, and having sex isn’t even as difficult as some may think. “Rob” has many more future genital modification plans, but in the end he desires a full penectomy and eventually wishes to be castrated as well.

Not Even Close to Fair

As the title suggests, I don’t suspect anybody will actually guess this one, which is fine—it’s such a nicely taken photo that the click-through is its own reward. If you do guess correctly, however, you will be sworn in as the president of a nation to be determined later. I think it’s a fair deal.

(Photo courtesy of Bruisepresser.)

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Holy Holy Holy

Fellas, I don’t know about you, but just looking at these photos of Sean’s swollen member four days after receiving some genital beads really “makes my penis hurt,” if you know what I mean.

Sean, of course, is no stranger to extreme bruising. Says the man himself of his genital beading: “It looks like it has been shut in a car door.” That’s about right. The shot above is four days after the initial procedure; for the grislier two-day-post-implant shot, take a peek past the jump. If you dare.

(Beading by Iestyn (More) at Diamond Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in London.)

Need a pick-me-up after that? I hear T-shirts are good for what ails ya.

Jack Yount – On Piercings and Subincisions

This video is a little fancier than the old 8mm conversions I’ve been sending in.

Filmed in South Florida in 1989 by Sailor Sid on a fancy VHS camcorder it features Jack Yount talking about his piercings and subincision. It’s living proof that the pre-1990s modification scene didn’t believe in wearing clothes. Which is how I like to remember Jack..



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