Sweetest Tattoo Story Ever?

Every Friday the 13th Elm Street Tattoos in Dallas has a giant party, and June 13th, 2005 was no exception. Tony, one of the artists (you’ve likely seen his work on BME) was doing Friday the 13th tattoos on everyone, with his girlfriend of six years last in line — she’d been promised a “special” tattoo. It gets to be her turn, and as he’s starting to finish up, people are gathering around, pulling out cameras, and she’s getting a little freaked out… But Tasha figures that it’s probably just a really nice tattoo.

He finishes up, and she looks in the mirror — “holy shit!”

After much cheering and clapping, Tony hands Tasha the tattoo machine and asks her to tattoo the answer on him in return.

In about an hour from now they get married. Big congratulations to them, and wow — Tony sure is lucky the answer wasn’t no, she’d have murdered him!

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