Fairies that get around

Brian Froud and Amy Brown fairies get submitted to BME’s fairy tattoo gallery on a pretty regular basis, but of all the fairy tattoos that I see, one stands out as being done more than any other. I don’t know the original source of the design, and maybe someone reading this can tell me, but this simplified fairy just keeps getting done over and over and over — so much so that I’m beginning to think it’s the mark of some sisterhood cult that, being a dude, no one is willing to tell me about.

PS. Personally I like my fairies perverted or at least nude.

Update: Question answered!

7 thoughts on “Fairies that get around

  1. An old friend of mine got a tattoo of a fairy. I have not seen her for a while now but her tat looked very simular to these, if I am remembering correctly. She got the idea for hers off of a Britney Spears cd case, I am not sure whitch one though.

  2. i have 3 fairies, none which look like those and all tastefully nude. I agree better nude more natural looking or something like that!

  3. i totally wanted a tattoo like these when i was about 12 because it was in britney’s cd jacket and i thought it would make a good design. im glad i wasnt old enough then because i wouldnt want that on me now.

  4. uhmm…those tattoos aren’t really related to sisterhoods or groups… But having printed them on the bodies of people, it does anger the fairies…i mean, fairies bestow upon us something good or bad at birth.. stuff like beauty, wealth, clumsiness…

    and fairies are really protective of their kind so it’s only expected that anyone who tattoes themselves fairies are subject to punishment…. SEVERE punishment actually…happened to a lot of my friends who thought that it was cool to get tattoed…

  5. Yep, it’s based on the design from one of Britney Spears album covers…. it’s in the pages. i know a few girls with the same one.

  6. I can tell you this much. Britney Spears when she first started signed her name with a very similar fairy and then the rest of her name. So as far as my guess goes thats where it comes from….

  7. its from the Oops I Did It Again album booklet, and her Logo in 2001/2002, and her Foundation logo lol

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