Naughty Girls Need Stamps… Too!

I come across all kinds of articles every day, and just came across a press release for Nicole Yost’s Asta Arts Kick Ass Rubber Stamps.

While we on IAM are a creative lot (along with scarification, piercing, and tattoo artists, we have our fair share of photographers, knitters, scrapbookers, and other crafters), I couldn’t find any forums for rubber stamping. Maybe it’s because there weren’t any cool stamps before?

The inspiration for the retro-cool stamps came to Yost during a late-night crafting session. "I was making a stack of hand-stamped cards and I just thought, 'Why doesn't anyone make any cool rubber stamps?' I knew exactly what I wanted, but no one was selling anything like that." Eventually, Yost drew up the designs herself and her company, Asta Arts, was born.

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