Speaking of Halloween

Here’s a gallery of Halloween-themed tattoos…
It’s the bestest night of the year!

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3 thoughts on “Speaking of Halloween

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    Posted on 10-28-2005 07:19:18 by Inky Melvin
    those tats are pumpkin awesome!

    Posted on 10-28-2005 07:57:11 by krylon king
    i have a tat of toast on my leg a coat hanger on my arm but those tatoo artists are goulishly

    Posted on 10-28-2005 09:27:20 by Bumblesquat
    These are kind of pants…

    Posted on 10-28-2005 14:01:27 by JaSon
    I did not know people were so into Haloween?

    Posted on 10-28-2005 19:54:23 by B-Lotus
    These Tats are hella sic!
    I have 7 tats now, but I want one that represents Halloween, with the date of 10/31/03 or just 2003 because that is when my Husband and I got married.
    Plus I’ve alway said Halloween was my favorite Holiday!

    Posted on 10-28-2005 21:48:11 by Jesus
    well I figure .. Different strokes for different.. and I mean VERY DIFFERENT FOLKS…
    I know that today its TATOOS and tomorrow its CRACK selling to todlers, and PIMPIN… and KILLING… you just mark my words!

    Posted on 10-29-2005 13:30:24 by Mag
    Don’t try to put down other peoples interests by comparing them to illegal activities or poor morals. Tattoos (with 2 T’s!) have been around for centuries, so do your homework before you try to knock something that you may not be actively persuing!

    Posted on 10-29-2005 14:09:31 by Amalia
    Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to write in CAPS? I believe your punctuation could use a little work as well. If you’re going to insult something, you might want to try and sound intelligent doing so.

    Posted on 10-29-2005 21:02:50 by Becca
    Yeah… that was probably a joke. Are our sarcasm meters broken today?

    Posted on 10-29-2005 23:02:51 by Inky Melvin
    I’m getting a tat of a skull with pumpkins for eyes and candy corns for teeth. Halloween rulez!

    Posted on 10-30-2005 09:27:57 by d

    Posted on 11-02-2005 06:31:09 by SuperNury
    joe q panda de gilipollas

    Posted on 11-02-2005 10:24:48 by glider
    PS. See also: Día De Los Muertos tattoo gallery

    Posted on 04-13-2006 22:10:48 by flotsomandjetsom
    Nice to see halloween (my favorite holiday) tats. Not a common theme for body ink. Great pics!

  2. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I feel like a fog, but what can I say? I’ve just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters. Shrug.

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