I’ve got spiders under my skin! Yeeaaarghhh!!!

The last spider implant I posted from Emilio Gonzalez (mithostattoo.com or emilio.gonzalez.3511 on Facebook) was in Marilyn’s forehead (who he also did badass black eyeballs on) and surprisingly subtle, but this one on the back of a hand really pops out. It would be such enormous fun hanging out at bars, telling drunks about how you got bit by a spider, and being, like, “Can you look at this for me? Do you think I should go to the hospital?” — maybe flex your hand a bit so it looks like it’s struggling under the skin. Good times.


Guess What Plus Implants

I want to start off with a “guess what”… Click to see if you were right.


The mod you see in that picture is on Walker Bod Mod and was done by Oscar Kbza Santos. While I’m talking about Oscar, I wanted to show you his hand implants, because they’re a little unusual — unique would be a better word.


That reminds me that I’ve been meaning to show you Sandy from True Body Art, a beautiful looking studio in Zurich. Anyway, I spent some time looking at her hand implants, trying to figure out what they are — my first guess was some sort of I Ching symbol.


The truth more enigmatic and amusing — it’s actually a random shape devoid of specific meaning, and is there to confuse the viewer!!! This is especially funny because Sandy isn’t some strange troll that no one sees, or that when they do see, are afraid of them… She’s actually a very beautiful model in addition to being a body modification artist, so these unusual implants have been featured in the work of many photographers (the photo on the left is by Siete Ramirez, and the one on the right is by Dark-Style Fotografie), and I’m sure as a result a great deal of time has been spent pondering their meaning. She has an implant on her chest as well that is similarly strange. I always enjoy people who have a sense of humor.


Oh and you can click that picture for one last shot.

The Friday Follow-up

Can you believe it’s Friday already?  Where did the week go?

This week’s follow-up comes to us from that wacky Aussie Anders.  This anchor scarification was done over 18 months ago, which means that this scar is pretty much healed, although with it being on a finger, anything can still happen.

To see how it looks today, you know what to do.

For such a high-traffic area, that came out remarkably clean and distinctive.  I’m also shocked at how even it healed seeing as how it’s located right on the joint.

Have you got photos of your scars both fresh and healed?  If so, submit them to BME today and you could end up being featured in an upcoming Friday Follow-up.

Who says rings should be made of gold?

Definitely not Jake, that’s for sure.  Last week was the final week of Efix’s Australian tour, and for one of his final pieces of the trip he cut these circles into Jake’s hand.

Jake’s no stranger to intense scarification, and while I’m told hand scars hurt like hell, this is what Jake has to say to the pain:

The scarification gallery has a few more photos of the scar, including a couple of procedural shots.

She’s So Vein!

Last Wednesday Nae (featured previously) went under the scalpel and had two implants (cherry blossom and plum blossom) inserted by Mister Potty Mouth in New York! Some procedural shots after the break..

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Yep, that’s a vein!

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Body Count

“Yeah,” says Seth, “I’m that guy.” When reached for comment, Ice-T stared at the floor silently for over a minute before standing, walking slowly over to the nearest wall and delivering a devastating left cross right through the plaster.

(Tattoo by Mike Diamond at Sacred Diamond in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Michael Watson.)

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