Tattoo miscellany again

How? I haven’t decided yet if this is a corny joke, mildly offensive, or maybe both? Tattoo by Joe Alhof at Trader Bob’s in St. Louis.

This tattoo is by Jen Beirola at Grinn and Barrett in Omaha, NE who tells us, “the customer wanted a strap-on cock that hung below her knee.”

Nate Obnoxious at Ground Zero in Muncie, Indiana presents… The Hand of God SHOCKER!

So… if Nintendo decided to sue Ian Hudgines of Anchored Ink in Murrieta, CA, would the fact that he’s included the registered trademark sign in the tattoo make the penalty worse?

DO NOT BE GENTLE… See, I thought this was a kinky fisting tattoo, but it turns out it’s some sort of army thing. Shows what a sheltered world I live in. Tattoo by Stacy Shoppa at Electric Graffitti Tattoo in Muscatine, Iowa.

Yeah, that’s mature. Tattoo by Greg Duffek II at Sleepy Hollow Studios in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

And, finally, no comment at all on the tattoo below. I don’t know where this tattoo was done, so all I can tell you is that the 19th hole is located in New Jersey. Not surprised?

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One thought on “Tattoo miscellany again

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    Posted on 10-27-2005 13:01:21 by ali719
    I LOVE these posts. Keep ‘em coming! :)

    Posted on 10-27-2005 13:12:07 by midnight_d
    I like guys with tattoos, but I must say. If we ended up getting down to “it” and any of them had any of these tattoos (minus the hand of god one) I’d turn tail and run!

    Posted on 10-27-2005 13:44:41 by DTM
    I dig the top 3, its the other pones that scare me

    Posted on 10-27-2005 14:01:15 by Sade
    The only one that really scares me is the very last one.If I saw that on any man I’d probably cry and run for dear life.

    Posted on 10-27-2005 15:02:02 by Chrisshuni
    I can’t help but wonder what he is trying to make up for if he has to have rubbish like that tattooed on his arse….

    Posted on 10-27-2005 15:09:04 by misplaced_ice
    I think it’s great. I think if I saw that on a man, I’d be rolling around on the floor in fits of hysterics.

    Posted on 10-27-2005 17:06:16 by Amalia
    He at least has a nice ass

    Posted on 10-27-2005 17:08:40 by Tampon
    why does EVERYONE hate New Jersey so much?!?

    Posted on 10-27-2005 17:45:29 by ammre
    *nods in agreement with tampon*

    I haev to say the tattoo is silly, but it’s clever…

    Posted on 10-27-2005 20:20:18 by perk900
    I’m not suprised at all that he’s from jersey… there’s something in the water there (if you can call it water)…

    Posted on 10-28-2005 15:58:55 by vicky
    it’s not that clever. isn’t the 19th hole the bar? maybe he could claim to be the 20th…

    Posted on 10-29-2005 14:09:39 by eggtea
    haha, the 19th hole. it sounds like a frat thing… i’d have to agree very nice ass*

    Posted on 10-29-2005 15:49:00 by AnotherHole
    If I were a tattoo artist I would have turned down all these ideas except the hand of god and the cock strap on. But I am not a tattoo artist or have to live with a golf pole in my butt….Why the 19th hole? Is there….. Another Hole? ;)

    Posted on 11-06-2005 11:28:14 by J. Allhoff
    In regard to the HOW?! tattoo of the pregnant Indian girl. I did that tattoo and it’s a very old flash design that dates to the 1940′s. It’s a classic piece of americana and I wish I could take credit for it. Corny? yes. But it’s so bizarre it had to be done. And my name is spelled Allhoff by the way.

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