Pac-Man Microdermal Project

BME has seen no shortage of videogame tattoos, and even scarifcation inspired by videogames, but videogame piercings? Those are much more rare. When it comes to video games, even though he’s getting a little old and dated, you don’t get much more iconic than Pac-Man. The ol’ Pac-Man Maze Ass tattoo is one of the most forwarded and reposted tattoo images out there — we’ve seen people here tattooed head to foot with the yellow fellow, and even couples have gotten in on the fun together. There have even been Pac-man subdermal implants!

There was an earlier microdermal project that was reminiscent of the cherry reward in the game, but this microdermal project is much more clear in its inspiration. It’s also nice and simple, fairly subtle and discrete, but enormous fun for those sharp-eyed enough to catch it. This happy customer (actually, Alex, an employee at the shop) was poked by head piercer Mel at Body Piercing by Tracy ( in Oceanside, California. As always, click to zoom in and take a better look.


PS. Don’t skip following the older ModBlog links in this entry — there’s some fun stuff there.

Scarred Tetris Heart

As if you can’t tell by Haffie’s “post scarification glow”, “I’m not sure there is a happier customer than myself today!” His tetris heart design (which might look amazing one day filled in with tattooing one day in the future). I’m not sure if I should be a little sad about the statement that’s being made by the final ill-fitting brick that is just beginning to fall? In any case, this was done by Luke Iley at the aptly named Scarred Heart Body Modification in Leeds.


A scar to the past

Had Chris Saint sent in a fresh photo along with this one, we’d have seen this scar on Friday.  But since he didn’t you get to enjoy this extremely geeky scar featuring the symbol of Hyrule.  Given how shiny it is, I’d guess that this scar is about a month old.

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In brightest day…

In brightest day, in blackest night,

No geeky scar will escape my sight.

Southtownbaby is one nerdy artist.  She’s been piercing for a few years now, and has started getting into scarification work.  This piece in particular was done on a friend, and from what I can see she’s doing a great job.  So keep an eye on the scarification galleries for more of her work.  And before you ask for a follow-up on this one, it’s already in the works.  Hopefully we’ll see it either this week or next.

I feel a great disturbance in the force

It could possibly have something to do with this incredible scarification portrait of Princess Leia done by Chris Saint from Artifact Tattoo in Santa Clarita, CA.

I don’t recognize this particular portrait so it’s either an original take on Leia, or from some other media (comics, etc).  In any case, it’s pretty clear who it is, and she is not happy.

What anime is this from?


Give up?

You should.

When I saw this cutting, I wanted to post it, but I assumed it was from an anime or something of that nature. Rather than risk upsetting some anime geek like Mason, I wanted to make sure of what it was I was posting, so I checked with the man who did this cutting. It’s not from any anime,  it was drawn (and cut by)  of one of our modblog regulars, Efix Roy and is based on no character in particular.

If you want a cutting done by Efix, he is based out Quebec at D-Markation Tattoo & Piercing.

Pew Pew Pew

Hey, that’s a pretty good self-portrait, HEHNGHH? Oh wait, never mind, Tomasz fills us in:

The Shrike is designed by Artur Szolc, on the basis of excerpts from the book Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. It’s not based on any other drawings of the creature, and it’s supposed to be as accurate as possible. The head is only the first part of the tattoo. The upper body of the Shrike will cover my whole arm, and Shrike’s four arms will encircle my arm and go all the way up to the shoulder and down the elbow. Its blades shall seem to pierce the skin. Possibly, a thorn-tree background will be added as well to complete a half-sleeve.

Thanks, Tomasz! A closer shot of the tattoo, after the jump.