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So a couple guys have started attempting the task of doing a weekly podcast (ie. downloadable MP3 “radio” show) called the “Modified Podcast” (Phil thinks “ModCast” is a better idea — I like “ModPod” or “PodMod” personally) talking about various body modification related news stories. Their first show just came out. It’s a little “rambly” and rough around the edges, but you can click here to download it now (17mb) or click below to jump to their current website.

See also: BME/radio archive (I so have to get a DJ up and running for new shows).

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    Posted on 10-28-2005 20:58:16 by myinnerkiller
    It’s sad to say, but I think web 2.0 has already started moving past the podcast and onto the vidcast. I personally wouldn’t have said no to seeing these guys as they shared there info. I don’t think it’ll be too long before that happens tho!

    Posted on 10-28-2005 21:07:39 by Mikie Ears
    I’m happy to say we are working on getting video going

    Posted on 10-28-2005 21:46:20 by myinnerkiller
    good thing you use a mac, and i like your skull flag!

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