Cheap copy, emphasis on “cheap”

The tattoo on the left is an original custom tattoo (based on traditional tattoo iconography) on Asurfael. A little while after she submitted it the cheap copy on the right appeared. You know, it’s one thing if you have a high quality copy, but a crappy copy is kind of degrading.

2 thoughts on “Cheap copy, emphasis on “cheap”

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    Posted on 11-08-2005 20:31:55 by Avid
    the dupe is just shitty, i can sneeze on her and it would look better

    Posted on 11-08-2005 20:42:41 by badtatt
    here’s who copied it

    Posted on 11-08-2005 21:40:00 by Justa
    Lame as all get out. Seriously.

    Posted on 11-08-2005 23:00:54 by Sixx
    Wow that is an awesomely bad tattoo.

    Posted on 11-08-2005 23:14:54 by S
    That’s tragic… :/

    Posted on 11-09-2005 05:51:35 by tinga1911
    Quite crappy I’d say. This goes definitely to my “Top 5 worst tattoos” list. It’s one thing to copy another tattoo, but to have it done by a crappy “artist”… I’m out of words.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 09:10:02 by Liz
    no wonder. she’s 16.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 10:36:12 by Wonderland
    that is sad. This is why I’m afraid of getting my tattoo.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 12:53:58 by manders
    gotta feel a bit bad for the kid . . . her other tattoo sucks too

    Posted on 11-09-2005 13:03:33 by MaidenDisaster
    I’ve been there. Having one of your tattoos stolen and crappily copied SUCKS.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 15:37:38 by katie
    the copier is a minor. might have something to do with the shittiness of the execution. if you look at her myspace page, there are pics of her and her friends’ work… not pretty.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 16:22:53 by Spoondef
    With all due respect, it’s not SUCH a bad tattoo. It’s not amazing, but not desgusting either. I think it looks crappy in the picture because it’s still healing. If you would have seen the picture without knowing it’s copied most of you would probably say the tattoo is cute or something.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 17:25:06 by Jen
    No, it looks crappy because the lines are all uneven and messy! That has nothing to do with healing and everything to do with a sub-par artist. Crap!

    Posted on 11-09-2005 17:29:02 by le freak
    Uh yeah, just clicked her My Space page for a bigger close-up, that is seriously shitty! The lines are all shakey and uneven throughout the entire thing. I guess that’s what you get for copying someone else’s work.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 18:31:15 by trinityknot
    It looks like she printed out the original, traced it badly, and then the artist never fixed it up.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 20:20:33 by Sade
    it would look ok if it weren’t for the fact that the lines are all crooked.the girl seems to like it so i guess that’s a plus(i would’ve gotten my money back).

    Posted on 11-09-2005 22:48:57 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    yup.. the lines are crooked. That would have majorly bugged the hell outta me.

    Posted on 11-10-2005 16:14:35 by lost raevyn
    Ah well… she (the copier) will probably hate it in a few years… and besides, it makes Asurfael’s original look that much more pretty!

    Posted on 11-10-2005 16:43:16 by Jake
    Poor girl, sure its nowhere near as good as the one origninal, but she seems to like it, and the people on her myspace do to… id feel so shitty if that was me and i saw all the stuff you were writing about her though!

    Posted on 11-10-2005 23:21:17 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    Id feel shitty if someone stole my tattoo.. that was on my body for the REST of my life.. that was special to me.

    she knew what she was doing.. and she POSTED IT on her page… she had to have known she was gonna get crap for it.

    Posted on 11-11-2005 19:16:31 by LipsLikeSugar
    I agree with BadlyDrawnGirl

    Posted on 11-11-2005 22:01:20 by Jen
    Yeah no kidding, too bad if the girl finds out what people are saying, she deserves it for stealing someone else’s tattoo! She should feel bad, she did a really shitty thing to someone.

    Posted on 11-12-2005 13:13:09 by shootmeagain
    maybe they had a pic of it in the studio or something

    Posted on 11-12-2005 21:42:44 by DeepBlueDay
    Man that is so mean to steal someone’s tattoo…. I hope she DOES read this!

    Posted on 11-13-2005 00:22:39 by Joe Blow
    I can’t believe people are trying to make excuses for someone stealing someone else’s tattoo, it’s pretty obvious it’s an exact (BAD) copy of someone else’s tattoo. LAME! Bad karma to the stupid girl who stole the tattoo.

    Posted on 11-13-2005 00:35:25 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    does it LOOK it like was just “a bad picture at the studio”? Uh, no.

    either way. Its a stolen tattoo… if it was would still be wrong.

    Posted on 11-13-2005 19:02:30 by crashbangburn
    for those of you who said it wasn’t *that* bad… uh yeah here’s another view of it
    those are crooked lines and shitty ink.

    Posted on 11-14-2005 01:21:29 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    the belly is kinda pointed.. and the top left wing looks horrid.

    Posted on 11-20-2005 03:12:50 by curbstomp.
    The lines aren’t even straight…
    She musn’t be very smart…

    Posted on 11-20-2005 12:55:46 by Morticia
    yuck. it’s totally tasteless to get someone else’s ink…

    Posted on 11-21-2005 17:12:50 by Abby
    I dunno, it’s one thing to copy a tattoo, but if it were me (not that I would copy anyone else’s originality) I don’t think I would choose to copy such an astonishing original piece. It was only obviously that, as a minor, there was no way in hell she was going to find an artist capable of copying such fabulous work. It’s still gotta be effing annoying though…

    Posted on 11-22-2005 04:29:11 by outmywindow
    Wow — that’s one bad tattoo! I don’t know too much about color tats (both of mine are solid blackwork), but it looks like tons of the color has faded out ALREADY! This is a new tattoo, right? I mean needing touch ups is one thing, needing all the color redone is another… Not to mention the general lack of artistic ability present in the person who put it there…

    Posted on 11-23-2005 07:36:13 by Tara
    Wow. It looks terrible in those pictures!! And to copy someone else is just messed up. Lack of originality on her part, completely. The ORIGINAL proves that its a nice tattoo – I like it a lot. I just dont like the cheap copied version at all. *head shake*

    Posted on 11-24-2005 02:40:32 by Adam
    The first one looks better, but how it this different than Flash work, Tribal, or Kanji lettering?

    Posted on 11-25-2005 06:11:52 by albear
    Just wanted to say the original tattoo is breathtakingly gorgeous. Still lame to rip off someone else’s original without their consent though.

    Posted on 11-25-2005 15:13:10 by Adam
    I was watching TV the other day…Not sure what channel, but they were talking about motorcycles with the guy from Twisted Sister, Dee Snider. There was a 1 second clip, and that tattoo was on there.

    Posted on 11-29-2005 01:02:07 by blackbird__fly
    In one of the pictures of it, she subtitles it, “What should I call her?” I’m seriously considering sending her an IM saying, “You should call her ‘Stolen’, because that’s what she is. :)” with a link to this page.

    Posted on 11-29-2005 03:54:14 by ciniron
    Adam- The original was a custom piece, while Flash is MADE to be copied by a bunch of people.

    Posted on 11-30-2005 14:55:16 by Kinetic_man
    “In one of the pictures of it, she subtitles it, “What should I call her?” I’m seriously considering sending her an IM saying, “You should call her ‘Stolen’, because that’s what she is. :)” with a link to this page.”-blackbird_fly

    I say you should, in fact, if I knew where and how I would. I feel bad not only for the owner of the original tattoo, but its artist as well. Although Im not a TATTOO artist, I am an artist. So even if the work is a custom commission and sold I would still be very upset if someone (especially some little brat) ripped it off.

    Posted on 11-30-2005 19:24:13 by M¤t=DSC02256.jpg
    (look on the counter…it has a picture on it of the same tattoo in the same place)¤t=DSC02263.jpg

    looks like something her friends commonly do…
    and her friends tattoo shows just how bad their “artist” really is

    Posted on 12-01-2005 19:57:51 by Lauz_kid
    I cannot even begin to imagine how disturbed this girl is to openly steal someone elses mod and call it her own. At least you Asurfael can be sound in the knowledge that by ripping your beautiful flawless tattoo off she is stuck for the rest of her life with an ugly, badly executed tattoo. Shame on her.

    Posted on 12-05-2005 22:31:56 by LLN

    Your right, the photo you are pointing out on photobucket,(where her friend is getting the same tattoo with the same placement), was actually stolen off this website as well.

    It’s titled “My Double Helix” and you can find it if you search in the geek tattoos section.
    She actually printed the picture right off the website and brought it in…pretty sad.

    Posted on 12-08-2005 00:31:28 by Ryan
    I think its kinda sad that there so many replies about this…she’s an idiot…get on with yer lives man…she got stuck with shitty work serve her right….got to say I have seen many copied pieces…but who was first?

    Posted on 01-16-2006 01:05:56 by Icarus
    Wow… I’m brand new to tattoos… Haven’t even gotten my first one done yet because of a self-imposed multi-year waiting period to make sure I won’t regret it… But even *I* can tell that the copy sucks!

    Posted on 02-13-2006 22:59:34 by gism
    well at least her tat looks shitty while yours looks well made. its pretty obvious she copied and thats nobodys problem but her own, im sure she noticed how crooked looking and cheap it is.

    Posted on 04-27-2006 14:12:12 by Me
    The copy wasnt even close.. it looks like crap!

    Posted on 05-13-2006 20:07:20 by ratfink
    holy crap. nice tattoo. ugly ass copy. the likes are smooth. the circle of the head is even round it. its like a lupy square…ur right, its a REALLY cheap knockoff. nowhere NEAR as good as the original.

  2. I would just like to know, of those of you who have tattoos, if someone contacted you and said they loved your ink and asked if could they get something very similiar, would you give your consent?

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