4815162342 Tattoo

“Guys, where are we?” … If you know what this tattoo is all about, you may watch too much TV, but at least you watch good TV. Tattoo self-done in grey ink by Julie in Leic, UK.

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4 thoughts on “4815162342 Tattoo

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    Posted on 11-09-2005 13:04:04 by DTM
    thats from the LOST series?

    Posted on 11-09-2005 13:05:08 by glider

    Posted on 11-09-2005 14:16:42 by ragemore
    HAHA!!!! that’s awesome! did you know they said something like 80,000 people used those numbers for the recent lotto drawing. NONE of them were on the winning ticket.

    Posted on 11-09-2005 14:17:04 by Lauren
    It is? I wouldnt have guessed.. I became bored of Lost. Where about did this guy get it from?

    Posted on 11-09-2005 15:56:35 by Ghostie
    I’m obsessed with the show, but I’ve never actually thought of getting a tattoo of the numbers. I’m probably a little afraid to.
    My friend’s uncle was one of the people that played them in the lottery though!

    Posted on 11-09-2005 21:06:08 by micehell
    I LOVE Lost!

    Posted on 11-10-2005 01:32:01 by *chel*
    i’d definitely be too afraid to get those particular numbers tattooed.lol

    Posted on 11-10-2005 07:16:21 by Poppie
    I gave up watching lost after about 6 episodes… what are the numbers? The flight number or something?

    Posted on 11-12-2005 12:07:33 by RecklessAbandon
    haha, cool that one is 42…the answer to life, the universe & everything!

    Posted on 01-24-2006 09:28:51 by scorp
    The numbers are just the coordinates to the island.

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