Hardy Lips: Lip Plumper

Our friend Lara knows more about cosmeticsthan almost anyone Iknow. Always on the lookout for something to entertainthe masses, she sent me this link to Hardy LipsLip Plumper.

The Lip Plumper seems to be one of the clear glosses with magicalingredients that create a beestung look to one’s lips. At $24.95a pop, it might seem a bit expensive, but it’s far cheaper thanpermanent cosmetics. Furthermore, the art on the container islovely. (If someone would like to buy me a tube, I’ll post Beforeand After pictures of my lips. I promise.)

Expect from me some Modblogs to help with your holidayshopping.This is definitely an item I’d suggest for a lady who likes themostly-natural look and who appreciates good packaging.

2 thoughts on “Hardy Lips: Lip Plumper

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    Posted on 12-08-2005 00:04:47 by Ryan
    I got somethin that will puff up those lips for ya

    Posted on 12-23-2005 20:38:30 by Jill
    also Lip Venom is a tiny cinnamon-tingly flavored lip gloss that does the beestung thing. some people think it’s too harsh-tasting/feeling though.

    Posted on 03-13-2006 18:08:14 by Rachel
    I love Hardy Lips;) It’s so addicting. I’ve tried all the lip plumpers on the market and this is the best, by far!

    Posted on 04-04-2006 16:17:01 by Sam
    WOW!!! The most AMAZING plumper on the market!! I’ve tried them all and this one works!

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