Hey Chris Otepka: "entire" is not a verb!

IAM:youwithoutme is a big fan of Troubled Hubble (great band name), so she got some lyrics tattoed on her — “What inspires you should entire you. Live how you wannabe loved.” Tattoo applied by Josh B at Sacred Skin in Clive, Iowa… I like what the tattoo is saying even with the odd grammar, but if it was me I’m sure the typo (“wannabe” instead of “want to be”) would drive me bonkers!

Damn, I feel so guilty when I point these things out, but at the same time I hope it illustrates what care you need to take when getting a tattoo with lettering… Even when you know the subject well it’s so easy to make mistakes like this.

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One thought on “Hey Chris Otepka: "entire" is not a verb!

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    Posted on 12-04-2005 06:24:19 by tam
    I don’t know the band so is it possible that the original lyrics said that? Whatever the case, as a current English major student, that would not only frustrate me if I had it, it’s going to frustrate me now because I’ll keep remebering it everytime I load this site…lol

    Posted on 12-04-2005 06:36:53 by tam
    hahahahha I’m an English Major student and I spelt “remembering wrong! rofl…

    Posted on 12-04-2005 08:13:22 by Claire
    As an English student, you’d think you’d be open to non-standard English… Hmm…

    Well I’m guessing the person who had the tattoo decided to have the non-standard form. I think something quite that obvious will be purposefully done, not just a ‘typo’.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 09:01:32 by michelle
    i agree… it could have been done on purpose

    Posted on 12-04-2005 09:45:48 by glider
    Dunno, but it’s definitely not the lyrics to the song. Google for this version verus real version.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 13:14:49 by j
    there’s nothing non-standard or vernacular about that, y’all.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 00:33:12 by loli
    it is the lyrics to the song, just with spelling errors.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 13:37:57 by h
    they’re song lyrics, they don’t have to be grammatically correct

    Posted on 01-29-2006 17:29:22 by Rachael
    Encompass doesn’t rhyme with “entire” though.

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